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Your Ideal Body in Three Simple Steps

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By Christy Whitman


Ideal Body Weight


Congratulations on choosing to move down the path to a healthier, more attractive body!

You may be thinking, "But I haven't even started yet!"

And, yet you have!

Because guess what?

You already have the first (and most important) of the top 3 keys you need to achieve your ideal body.

For that matter, you already have your ideal body! You really do. Once you align all the parts of your life, the reality of your beautiful, fit and healthy body can be revealed. When you get your body, soul and spirit into healthy alignment, the rest falls cleanly away.

1. The Power of Your Mind

Your mind - the way you think about things - creates the foundation for all of the life change you have ever been through or will ever face. You may not have control over certain circumstances (for example, you were born to particular parents, live in a particular place, and so on) but you can always have control over your mind.

Don't ever give that up! Don't ever relinquish your most powerful life tool!

Instead, make a conscious decision to use it - and use it well - to create the body and life you were born to have.

Take a moment to consider the silent messages you've been sending yourself about your body.

-What do you believe about yourself?
-What are the thoughts that you have when thinking about losing weight?
-Where is your energy focused?

When your thinking becomes positively aligned with what you desire, your actions will come from a place of high inspiration, and your results will naturally flow into being.

By working with your feelings, thoughts, and intentions, you can become a master creator regardless of your past, age, or the challenges you face.

When you start to link your thoughts intentionally to the unlimited wellbeing of your ideal body, you are actually creating that ideal body weight.Ideal Body 300x205 Your Ideal Body in Three Simple Steps

2. A Plan to Fuel Your Ideal Body

It doesn't matter whether you've just had a baby, or whether you've carried extra weight your entire life. The only thing that matters is what you plan to do from this moment forward. Set your thoughts on your ideal body mass, and sit down with a pencil and paper to plan out your new healthier diet. It doesn't have to be complicated! In fact, you can get a long way down the road with these 3 simple starting points...

*  No more white stuff!

This is probably the easiest and most comprehensive way to get started fueling your body in a healthy way. Eliminate everything that is white from your diet plan - white bread, white pasta, white sugar, pastries, and white flour to name a few. All the good nutritive value in these food products is gone. Nothing but fast-acting sugar is left to store into your body that create more body fats.

*  Eat more meals

That sounds pretty exciting, doesn't it? You really can and should eat 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day. This will actually help regulate the chemicals that run through the body. CAUTION: Don't skip breakfast. Don't load yourself up with a massive evening meal. The key to creating your ideal body weight is to add fuel in the best, smartest and most useful way possible.

*  1/3rd  protein, 1/3rd  veggie, 1/3rd  carbs

Planning your meals and snacks in this simple ratio will completely shift your body fuel for the better. Stop counting calories. Stop worrying about finding fat-free foods. Just start here and you'll see results even before you add the third tool (see below!) to the mix.

3. Movement helps in losing weight

You don't have to become a gym rat in order to add movement and exercise to the plan to create your ideal body. But you may find that this part of getting healthy is much easier than you anticipated!

Want to know the reason for that?

It's because our bodies are specifically and meticulously designed to move.

When was the last time you saw a little child sit perfectly still? ? This only happens if the child is very sick. Healthy and well kids are forever jumping, running, dancing, kung fu-ing, and generally moving quickly and continuously until they sink into bed (over protests!) at night.

Moving is our body's natural state of wellbeing.

Moving your body begins simply. It doesn't require any expensive equipment. How many children do you see who need a giant piece of complex weightlifting equipment in their garage?

Part of moving toward your healthier, fitter and sexier you is getting your mindset right, as you saw in the first point above. When negative beliefs and fears about moving around - even taking a walk around the block - weigh us down, they literally weigh us down. You want to mentally release that weight, so that the pounds will melt away!

Losing weight or heal your body from the outside-in (e.g. taking medicine, getting surgery, etc.), just doesn't stick. This usually doesn't work as we expected it to be. But creating your ideal body is about shifting to an inside-out approach.

This is about getting into alignment with the truth - the way you were born and the way you were intended to be, and it's an integral part of every segment of your life.


As you can see, creating your ideal body isn't that complicated or hard. In fact, the hardest part is simply 'shifting' our mindset (retraining our brains).

As I'm sure you know by now, most diet plans focus on what you should and shouldn't do. Eat this, don't eat that. Workout like this, don't workout like that.

And you know what, that's all fine and dandy (if you can actually do it consistently).

But you know as well as I do that knowing what to do and actually doing it, are two totally different things.

This is why restricting yourself and forcing yourself to do things that you don't want to do is never a part of my program. Forcing yourself to do things will never work in the long run. Ever!

Instead I focus on your thoughts, your mind, and how you relate to working out, eating healthy foods, and being healthy.

It is all about retraining your brain so that you "WANT" to move your body more, so that you "WANT" to eat healthier, so that you "WANT" to be healthy.

You see, once you retrain your brain to "WANT" all of these things, you know longer struggle to do them.

That's the magic bullet.

Creating your ideal body shouldn't be about struggling, fighting, trying, and forcing yourself to do things you don't want to do. It should be fun, easy, and natural.

And it can be.

I promise.


Christy Whitman is an in-demand coach, transformational leader and has helped hundreds of men and women create their ideal bodies.

Christy had issues with her self image and body image all her life. She went from being bulimic as a young adult, to trying almost every fad diet out there, spending hundreds of dollars on programs that always resulted in her gaining the weight back, until she found the information that led her to create and maintain her ideal body for years.

She was a size four until the birth of her first baby. Within five months she was back to her ideal body until she became pregnant with her second son. Applying the information she teaches she returned back to her ideal body with four months without being on a restricted diet.