How to Engage and Connect for Greater Profits

By MaryEllen Tribby

Have you ever noticed that a lot of writing in your niche is actually fairly boring or not in the least bit helpful?

Well that’s actually good news for you. Because if everyone else in your niche is creating dry, mediocre content, then you’ll stand out if you create something entertaining, educational and enriching.

And […]

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How to Give a Successful Presentation

By Bob Bly

Dr. Rob Gilbert is one of the country’s top motivational speakers and a master of teaching presentation skills to others. (He is also a master of direct marketing, through which he sells his books, audiotapes, and public workshops.)

At the beginning of a recent Gilbert workshop I attended on “How to Give a Speech,” […]

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Turning Ideas into Events

Today’s audio diary is called Turning Ideas into Events.

Let me explain. Every year at my daughter’s school, which is an elementary school, they do fund raising and basically, the kids need to buy books. They just bring home a sheet, and the parents buy books for the kids. And every year it makes a minimal […]

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