Avoid These 7 Things If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

By Natalie Ledwell

Everyone, even the most positive and peaceful individuals, can succumb to stress once in a while. We live in unpredictable and often hostile times. The news cycle is nonstop and the negativity is palpable.

One would have to be superhuman to not be affected by what’s going […]

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How to Care for Yourself When Your Job Is Caring for Others

By Dr. Susan Mathison

A typical workday for me begins around 5 a.m. with a little exercise, then emails, patient paperwork and, on most days, breakfast with my son. Around 8 a.m. I head into my clinic at Catalyst Medical Center to begin a full day of patient appointments, surgeries, Botox and filler treatments and meetings […]

Same Time, Everyday

Today’s audio diary is called Same Time, Everyday.

Very often we get up the same time during the week. But on the weekends, we might sleep in, or even on some days, during the week, we’d be like “I don’t need to get up early today” for some reason. But this is the deal, you should […]

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Fat Loss During The Holidays Begins With These 10 Strategies

By JJ Virgin

You frantically drive from the mall, where you waited over an hour to score an Xbox One, to pick up your son at basketball practice when you suddenly realize you have no idea what’s for dinner.

Beyond serving your kids a healthy meal, you need something substantial since you’ll be attending a dinner party […]

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Bedtime for Mom

Today’s audio diary is called Bedtime for Mom.

So many working moms just think they have to get everything done by themselves. And they end up going to bed at midnight, one o’clock in the morning, and they have to get up at five or six o’clock. And that is just bad for you. It is […]

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Wake Up

Today’s audio diary is called Wake Up.

So, your kids are on vacation, it’s either break from school or summer vacation; whatever it is, I want you to set an alarm clock for them. Just like school, when they go to school they have a certain time they need to get up every morning. They need […]

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