What’s Working in E-Mail Marketing?

By Robert W. Bly

We hear how e-mail is becoming obsolete and social networking is morphing into the medium of choice for online communication. But in the business-to-business community, it hasn’t happened yet. Seventy one percent of B2B firms use e-mail marketing. […]

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The 4 Levels of Marketing Competence

By Robert W. Bly

During my nearly a quarter century as a copywriter and marketing consultant, I have observed that business owners and managers fall into one of four categories as far as their competence and skill in marketing is concerned.

By recognizing which category you are in and taking the action steps recommended below, you can […]

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Finding A Good Idea for Your Book, Part 2

By Robert W. Bly

Last week we shared the first five ideas of how to get an idea for your book. If you missed it, go right here.

Here are Bob’s remaining strategies..


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Finding A Good Idea for Your Book

By Robert W. Bly

Many people who attend my book publishing seminars already have a book idea in mind. Others, however, have a strong desire to write a book, but are stuck on coming up with a suitable topic. If you fall into this category, here are ten sources of ideas for books you may want […]

Ideal Working Mom Business

By Robert W. Bly

Why haven’t more working moms been told this secret to making money online at home in their spare time?

Internet marketing is an ideal business for working moms for several reasons.

First, it’s passive income. You can make a handsome six-figure income in your spare time working only a few hours a week.

Second, you […]

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