Read and Discuss

Today’s audio diary is called Read and Discuss.

If someone asks you to read a certain book, there’s probably a good reason behind it. And this is a pretty personal story that I’m going to share with you. Recently my fifteen year old daughter asked me to read a book. And I read it, and it […]

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Revisit the Bookshelf

Today’s audio diary is called Revisit the Bookshelf.

Very often we want to go out and buy the latest  and greatest hot-off-the-press book. But so often we got the oldies and the goodies sitting on our bookshelves that we haven’t even read, or we didn’t finish reading or that we just need to re-read.

So make sure […]

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Turning Ideas into Events

Today’s audio diary is called Turning Ideas into Events.

Let me explain. Every year at my daughter’s school, which is an elementary school, they do fund raising and basically, the kids need to buy books. They just bring home a sheet, and the parents buy books for the kids. And every year it makes a minimal […]

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Read Fiction

Today’s audio diary is called Read Fiction.

I know that being in business, we always talk about reading business books, really good business books. And we have those in our Working Moms Only Success Club: books that I’m reading on business and how they help you.

But what I want to talk about today is how reading […]

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The Best Question

Today’s audio diary is going to help you whenever you need to interview somebody, whether it’s an employee for your business, or a babysitter for your kids. The best question that you can ask somebody is, what do they do in their spare time?

This is where you really get a sense of the person. And […]

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