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Time Management Myths and Truths

by Maria Gracia

Effective time management is being aware of the amount of time you spend on specific activities throughout your day.

Time management is ALSO the process of planning your time so you can achieve your goals.

Keep in mind that goals don’t just have to be career-related. Your goal could be finding more time to spend […]

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Prep Your Workspace

Today’s audio diary is called Prep Your Workspace.

Many of us work at our home. Some of us have offices in the home and some of us don’t. Some of us may have three kids in a four bedroom house or two kids in a two-bedroom house and so we work. We might have to work […]

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What Did You Do For You Today

Today’s audio diary is called What Did You Do For You Today.

We think that we do things for ourselves during the week, but we really don’t. So what I want you to do starting now is every single night in your journal, I want you to add a section – a little box that you […]

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Turning Wasted Hours into Cash

By MaryEllen Tribby

The average amounts of time junior and mid-level employees spend in business meetings is 8.4 hours a week.

Let’s keep doing the math . . .

That 8.4 number of hours a week equals 33.6 hours a month and a staggering 403.2 hours a year! Think about that. If your team is working on a […]

How To Double Your Productivity With A Virtual Assistant

By Denise Gosnell

Many small business owners try to do everything themselves, either because they can’t afford to hire an assistant, or because they think that no one else can do the task as well.

The problem with this approach is that you will be pulled in too many directions and will never be able to make […]

Technology is Our Friend

Today’s audio diary is called Technology is Our Friend.

I know for myself and for many of you that we almost sabotage ourselves by thinking we’re not technology literate. Therefore we don’t use and capitalize on all the fantastic technology that’s out there. And I’m talking about little things.

So what I want you to do every […]

The Crazy Word that Guarantees Success

By Craig Ballantyne

At 7 feet tall, Kelly Olynyk simply stands out – and over everyone – in the crowd. But it’s not just his physical stature that separates him from the pack. As the starting center on the top ranked NCAA men’s basketball team from Gonzaga University, Olynyk is willing to do what most other […]

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Today’s audio diary is called Rewards.

I want you to think back – for some of us it may be a very long time ago. Or some of it may be just coming up or just happened yesterday.

Remember when we were trying to teach our children something, and we actually did that ethical bribing where we […]

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New Supplies

Today’s audio diary is called New Supplies.

What I like to do at the beginning of each year is just go out and get myself everything new in my supply area for my business. So this is not expensive; I just go out and I get the kind of pens that I really like writing with. […]

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