How to Tell If You Are Focused on the Wrong Priorities

By Melissa Ingold

If you’re starting to assemble a first-class team of stellar contractors to support your business, kudos to you for taking a crucial step toward true success!

Delegating work to skilled freelancers frees you up to focus on high-priority work, and actually makes you more productive overall. You’ve already recognized […]

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Turning Wasted Hours into Cash

By MaryEllen Tribby

The average amounts of time junior and mid-level employees spend in business meetings is 8.4 hours a week.

Let’s keep doing the math . . .

That 8.4 number of hours a week equals 33.6 hours a month and a staggering 403.2 hours a year! Think about that. If your team is working on a […]

Learn to Say “NO”

Today’s audio diary is titled, Learn to Say “NO”.

So many of us overcommit. And when we overcommit, not only do we do a disservice to ourselves, we do a disservice to the people that we’re committing to. Because that thing that we should have said “no” to that we took on (knowing that if we […]

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