Stacking Your Day

Today’s audio diary is called Stacking Your Day.

Very often you heard me talk about stacking your meetings, meaning if you have meetings schedule them. Schedule a start time and end time, and schedule them one after another. So don’t schedule a meeting at 2:00 that goes to 2:45, and then start your next meeting at […]

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It’s Personal

Today’s audio dairy is called It’s Personal.

As you know I do a lot of high-end consulting for large corporations. A lot of that includes re-engineering their companies – going in and replacing a lot of the team that’s already there. Because you can’t have a great company if you don’t have a great team.

So I […]

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Homework Is Not Just For Kids

In your business, there are absolutely no excuses to go into an event or a meeting unprepared.

If you know that there are certain people that you want to meet at an event, you need to Google those people ahead of time and make sure you know something about them.

But here’s the […]

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