Avoid These 7 Things If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

By Natalie Ledwell

Everyone, even the most positive and peaceful individuals, can succumb to stress once in a while. We live in unpredictable and often hostile times. The news cycle is nonstop and the negativity is palpable.

One would have to be superhuman to not be affected by what’s going […]

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Living in Gratitude: How to be Grateful for the Difficult People in Your Life

By Natalie Ledwell

“Be grateful for all the difficult people that challenge you in life, for they give you the opportunity to learn & evolve.” ~ Natalie Ledwell

Most of us have at least a few people in our lives who push our boundaries and test our patience.

Like that neighbor who insists on mowing the lawn at […]

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6 Things That Are Quietly Poisoning Your Abundance Thinking

By Natalie Ledwell

Science has long proven that our childhood brains are like sponges; absorbing and storing everything we hear, see, feel and experience.

But there is a particularly spongy period from age 2 to 6 where – due to our brainwaves being in a ‘Theta’ state (the same state […]

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How to Expose Your Deepest Limiting Beliefs in Under 5 Minutes

By Natalie Ledwell

Can you complete this sentence?

Money is the root of ________________.

If you’re like 99% of people, you’d have ended that sentence with “… all evil”.

Because that meme was drummed into you since your little girl days.

The wealthy and evil megalomaniac is a staple in popular fiction. Remember Mr. Burns from the Simpsons? Ebenezer Scrooge […]

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Uncover Your Passion

By Natalie Ledwell

I believe that, if you’re reading this, you already have what it takes to become successful beyond your wildest dreams.

You’re seeking out the answers, and by seeking, you’ve proven that you’re head and shoulders above 97% of other people.

Today, I wanted to share a short lesson about discovering what truly drives you, because […]

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