5 Ways to Build Your Business (and 9 Reasons Why Partners Promote)

By Milana Leshinsky

There are many marketing strategies to get clients and put people in your programs. But if you’re tired of getting little to no results, there’s one strategy that can give you a client-getting “shortcut” you’ll love.

The super successful business leaders use one primary method to break through six and seven figure ceilings. It’s […]

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How to Overcome One of the Biggest Buying Objections and Get a Rush of Business

By Milana Leshinsky

One of the BIGGEST reasons people may not buy from you or hire you is because they don’t trust you.

There’s just too much information and too many experts out there, frequently offering conflicting advice. It can be really confusing and create a lot of skepticism in your prospects’ minds.

That’s why you want to […]

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