The List Building Secret No One’s Talkin’ About

By MaryEllen Tribby

I love PLR.

That stands for Private Label Rights. Honestly the PLR stuff out there was pretty bad. But over the last couple of years it has improved tremendously and frankly it would be silly if you did not investigate this for yourself.

We discussed of the idea of using PLR content to create free […]

Speaking For Dough

By MaryEllen Tribby

I will never forget the first time I spoke on stage. I was so nervous.

My biggest source of worry was “what will everyone think of me?” After all I was in my early 30’s and most of the folks in the audience had been in business far longer than I.

This trend continued for […]

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The Power of Four Letter Words

By MaryEllen Tribby

Recently my friend Ryan Lee wrote a wonderful essay on the words we choose and the connotation they hold. And as a parent, it was extremely synergistic with my philosophy on child rearing. And as a human being, it is something I implement in my business and everyday life.

Ryan’s words poignantly reminded me […]

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A Name Can Make or Break You

By Mary Ellen Tribby

As a working mom, we would like to believe that it is what is in the inside that counts. This is especially when it comes to our kids.

But for our businesses, the fact of the matter is – what’s on the outside really does matter. Others make critical decisions about us, and […]

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WMO – Women Hit On at a Company Party

Today's issue is not what I had planned to run. I actually had something else set up to send today. However, last night, I received a call from a close friend who was upset. After talking with her, I knew I had to tell her story instead. Please read this story right away and be sure to take action at the end.

The Right Way to Work With Freelance Copywriters

You already know that good, I mean really good advertising copy can skyrocket your business overnight. Everywhere I go entrepreneurs and marketing directors ask me how they can find and work with top copywriters. In today’s main essay I share my secrets to working with freelance copywriters. Also in today’s issue . . .

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Online Entrepreneurs Mistakes!

In today's main essay, I share the missing link of business success and what you can do today to improve your bottom line. Also in this issue . . .

10 Profitable Ways to Use Your Company Competitors (in a Nice Way)

Looking for a new stream of revenue to help improve your bottom line? Well, in today's main essay I give you ten new ones! Also in this issue . . .

Eliminate The Jealousy Factor And Success Will Follow

If you want to leave behind resentment and jealousy and create positive "success gaining" traits, today's main essay will show you exactly how. Also in this issue . . .

A Marketing Lesson From a Whore

Since I have moved to Austin, it seems everyone I meet loves to play golf. Not being a golfer myself - the one thing that comes to mind is the Tiger Woods infamous scandal. So I started wondering if he could ever fully recover from his escapades of last year and what it would take to do so. While I ponder that thought, I wanted to re-run an issue I wrote right after his return to golf last year. This issue hit hundreds of hot buttons both for and against Tiger. If you did not see it - take a look now. If you did, re-read it because we need to continue to say "enough is enough!" It's time for us as working moms to say that even the BIG and powerful need to take responsibility for their actions.

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