Own The Bad News

Today’s audio diary is called Own The Bad News.

If something goes wrong in your company, somebody needs to tell the story. Wouldn’t you want to be that person? Because if it’s not you, there is going to be rumors and hearsay, and just false information that spread.

So when something happens, even if your customers don’t […]

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Whose Idea Was it Anyway?

By MaryEllen Tribby

I know you want to start an online business but you don’t have an idea for a product. Or you need to add products to your current line-up. Or you have an idea but it is just not fully formed yet.

Well you are not alone. Many entrepreneurs get caught up in the feeling […]

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It’s Personal

Today’s audio dairy is called It’s Personal.

As you know I do a lot of high-end consulting for large corporations. A lot of that includes re-engineering their companies – going in and replacing a lot of the team that’s already there. Because you can’t have a great company if you don’t have a great team.

So I […]

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How to Write a Book: 4 Proven Steps to Writing a Book That Sells

By Brian Tracey

There are more than 2,000,000 books published each year and yours can be one of them. You have the ability, right now, to write and publish a book on a subject that is important to you. Like riding a bicycle, learning how to write a book is a skill that you can master […]

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The End Of The Rat Race

By Jeff Vacek

Today lots of people are running scared. They’re worried about their jobs (if they even have one), worried about the economy, worried if they’ll ever be able to fulfill their dreams.

What they don’t know – and what I hope you’re beginning to realize – is that they (and you) are […]

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