Fat Loss During The Holidays Begins With These 10 Strategies

By JJ Virgin

You frantically drive from the mall, where you waited over an hour to score an Xbox One, to pick up your son at basketball practice when you suddenly realize you have no idea what’s for dinner.

Beyond serving your kids a healthy meal, you need something substantial since you’ll be attending a dinner party […]

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The Shocking Results – Don’t Be Next!

By MaryEllen Tribby

Even though it was two years ago, I can still remember the conversation like it was yesterday.

My friend, Janet, called me in hysterics the night of her company holiday party. Earlier that evening she was mingling with many co-workers. As the night went on, she found herself deep in a conversation with one […]

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Use Your Pretty

Today’s audio diary is called Use the Pretty. So let me explain. Recently because of the holidays, I’ve been spending a lot of time going to parties and get-togethers. And so many people I know never use their good china. And I’m going to use this as one example.

And even on the holidays, you know […]

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Gift Giving from the Heart

Hello. In today’s audio diary I want to talk about holiday gifts that you may be thinking about sending out to your customers, to your joint venture partners, to clients, whoever that is. And what I want to do, is I want to advise against sending gifts that are discounts off your products. When I […]

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