Healthy Food, Healthy Family, Healthy Business

By Lynda Goldman

Like many of you, I’m on the journey to health.  I’ve just been hauling around my backpack of brown rice and granola for longer than most people.

Only now my virtual backpack is more likely to carry Goji berries, chia seeds, and coconut oil.

Most people I know reach a tipping point in their journey […]

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Fast Track Your Fat Loss

By Chad Tackett

So many people have failed on weight loss programs over and over and over. Even if they saw success for a short time, the weight always came back.

Those programs are missing essential things for long term success and set you up for failure every time.

7 Billion Diets for 7 Billion Individuals

By Lisa Best

OK, I admit it. I have one of the most energetic 8 year olds around. I’m not talking about that unfocused, frenetic energy that gets kids in trouble. I’m talking about the exuberant, boundless energy that healthy baby animals have.

I’m talking about the type of energy that makes a star on the basketball […]

Substitutions Are Good

Today’s audio diary is called Substitutions Are Good.

And frankly, substitutions are not only good, in most cases they are necessary. And the specific cases I want to talk about today are foods – substituting in foods that are better for you than the ones you may be eating.

I’m talking about this today because I hear […]

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Intermittent Fasting Equals Stress: Why It May Not Be Right For You

By Brad Shepherd

You’ve check all the boxes: healthy eating, regular exercise, sufficient sleep, and a good relationship. The ideal life. So you’ll never have to worry about stress again, right? Ha! Don’t we wish!

Sadly, a life free of stress likely isn’t in the cards for many of us, if any of us. Stress will always […]

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