How to Run a Successful Social Media Campaign Without Spending a Cent

By Tanya Brody, LeadPages

At Leadpages, we’ve talked a lot about how to use paid media to promote your business. But what about running an entirely free social media campaign? Is it possible? Can you get decent exposure for your business without paying Facebook or Twitter a lot of money?

Yes, you can.

I asked our Social Media […]

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Professional Social Media

Today’s audio diary is called Professional Social Media.

Many of us have social media outlets that we use. And we use them both for our personal use as well as professional use. So for example, we have a Facebook Page, we have Twitter account, we have Instagram.

Now here’s a little story that’s going to get to […]

Appropriate Channels

Today’s audio diary is called Appropriate Channels.

Recently on Facebook, I saw that a really good friend from college, that his older sister had passed away. And she was only fifty two years old. And this just broke my heart. Now he and I were very good friends in college, and we’ve stayed in touch. Over […]

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Get Your Brag On

Today’s audio diary is called Get Your Brag On.

Did you know that bragging about yourself or a loved one has the same effect as if you ate a piece of chocolate? Because it has the same chemical reaction to your brain. So, it is actually good for you to go on to Facebook or Twitter […]

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Don’t Let Your Kids Get Too Social

Today’s audio diary is called Don’t Let Your Kids Get Too Social.

With all the social media sites today, our kids are putting their whole life out there for everyone to see. And as our kids get older, sometimes we don’t check up as much as we should. So what I really want to emphasize today […]

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121% More Engagement

I read an interesting study the other day that I want to share with you and it involves images (pictures). The study said that you will get 121% increase in engagement when you add images to your text. So, it doesn’t matter if it’s in your inbox magazine, or in your Facebook ads – whatever […]

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He Can’t Do It Alone…

Did you know that Facebook stock fell 50% on Friday? So, why am I talking about a stock? Well because, let’s talk about Mark Zuckerberg…

Everybody thinks he’s brilliant. And of course he is. But the stock fell 50%. And why is that? Because being able to create something as incredible as Facebook does not mean […]

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Three Tips For Converting Your Page To Timeline

Three Tips For Converting Your Page To Timeline
By Ryan Deiss

Remember those little notices that have been popping up all over your Facebook page for the past month? You know, the ones that encouraging you to upgrade your page to Timeline?

Well, it’s no longer optional, folks…  Timeline is here and it’s MANDATORY.

If you’re a conscientious Facebook […]

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

By MaryEllen Tribby: Everyone talks about the ease of Social Media. But if you are not doing it effectively you are just wasting your time. Today I share the principals you must apply to be successful with Social Media