Here Are the Best Ways to Get Someone’s Email Address

By The Drip Team


If you’re serious about email marketing, you’re probably trying to build your email list from just about anywhere you can drop in an opt-in form.

You might be trying tactics such as …

  • Encouraging blog readers to subscribe to your blog in the sidebar
  • Dropping a […]
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3 Keys to Writing a Powerful, Personal Email

By Jeff Walker Team

Every element of your product launch is important, but every single one of your emails to your launch list is critical.

You have to remember that on the other end of every email you send is a living, breathing person. They’re checking their email in the den, while the kids scream in the […]

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The Nastiest Email I Ever Received

By MaryEllen Tribby

Recently we have had a successful re-launch of my esteemed program Inbox Empire.  However, this go around we changed things up a bit. Instead of offering a free report as the lead magnet, we chose to offer a free video training instead.

We switched it up for a couple of reasons.  One, some […]

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Subject Lines

Today’s audio diary is called Subject Lines.

So if you have a business, and the main way you communicate with your community is via email, you better be a master at subject lines. Because people are inundated with messages so many times a day, and the subject line is what’s going to cut through the clutter.

When […]

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Forget Long Business Emails

Today’s audio diary is called Forget Long Business Emails.

I am someone who is very methodical, and I like to followup from meetings with an email to recap.

Because my company is virtual, I will also send a lot of instructions via email. But they’re not long, wordy emails. They’re extremely concise and I use bullet points. […]

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Reconcile Fridays

Today’s audio diary is called Reconcile Fridays.

Let’s start by discussing the fact that all the emails you receive are not created equal. That you may be innodated with emails. However, if you have given someone your personal email address, then you must respond.

Like I said, all emails are not created equal, therefore you do not […]

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Today’s audio diary is called Details.

You know that I’ve always said that details matter. It’s the details that make you different from anyone else. And I see this all the time, and I see it in reverse all the time. For example, I see people who just copy what I do, and when they do […]

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Top *Insider* Insights from the 2013 Marketers Cruise

By Laura Betterly

A few months ago I spoke at an annual event called simply: Marketers Cruise. Basically, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Hundreds of internet marketers, social media experts and professionals from diverse fields meet on a Caribbean cruise ship to soak up the sun and swap marketing strategies.

Let me tell you – if […]

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Get More Done In Less Time

By Craig Ballantyne

One of my favorite things to do back out on the farm is to take ol’ Bally the Dog for a swim. Now the great thing about chocolate labs is that they are up for a good swim 365 days a year, even in the dead of winter. So we’ll go for a […]

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24-Hour Rule

Very often we get an email or phone message or text that upsets us. It could be for business or it could be for our personal life. And our natural reaction would be to send off an email in the same kind of tone, in the emotional tone that may be negative.

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