The 3 Top Reasons Entrepreneurs Struggle Financially

By Baeth Davis

In order to succeed in business – you need to make a profit. This seems obvious. However, many entrepreneurs, at one point or another, fail to generate the revenue necessary to make their business flourish.

Why is this?

I’ve come across three main reasons and they are not the ones most often addressed – and […]

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8 Business Variables That Can Change Your Bottom Line

By Brian Tracy

You have the power to change the profits of your business today by taking a good look at these 8 variables and key business metrics.

As an entrepreneur or business person, it is your job to stay focused and always continue to improve your strategic business plan.

Are you not sure where to start?

Keep reading […]

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Mistakes & Marvels of Marketing Legends

By MaryEllen Tribby

You know me. I am all about living the blended lifestyle.

Which means very often, while I am out either shopping or dining with my family, great marketing ideas find me.

That’s exactly what happened to me the last couple of weeks.

First, I was doing my daily shopping at Whole Foods. Now before I […]

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Make Money From Your Competitors – Here’s How

By MaryEllen Tribby

Plain and simple.

The reason, I have been successful in so many different niches in the online word, specifically in the Inbox Magazine world, is because I know my competitors. And, I know them inside and out.

I subscribe to them and keep tabs on just about everything they do.

One of the fastest, easiest and […]

How To Master Public Relations Marketing

By MaryEllen Tribby

Of the many channels of marketing, public relations is one that no business should ignore. And because PR is nearly free, that makes it an ideal channel for small and start-up businesses.

lad reading newspaperSo how do you get your company and/or product mentioned on […]

The Right Size

Today’s audio diary is called The Right Size.

So I want to ask you a question: how many times have you said, “Oh, I want to grow my business?” Or how many times have you heard other people say, “I’m growing my business.”

This is the thing: your business needs to be the right size. Let’s just […]

Protecting the Lifeblood of Your Business at All Costs!

By MaryEllen Tribby

You could have endless debates about practically any topic related to business.

You might argue over the best type of business… A traditional brick-and-mortar business… Or an online information publishing business… Or even something in between.

You could debate the most important skill set required to run a business. Many will declare it’s marketing expertise… […]

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3 Important Tips for Effectively Marketing Yourself, Your Products and Your Ideas

By Anthony Ceseri

The other day one of my Twitter followers responded to one of my Tweets. I have a website for songwriters, so I tend to Tweet a lot of music tips and quotes from famous songwriters. Most of my readers and social media followers are bands or indie musicians. This one particular follower of […]

Multi-Channel It

Today’s audio diary is called Multi-Channel It.

You know that I wrote the book on Multi-Channel Marketing, Changing the Channel, and Twelve Easy Ways to Make Millions for Your Business (I co-authored that with Michael Masterson back in 2008). And it really was about the impact of multi-channel marketing.

And today, I just want to really enforce […]

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3 Proven Ways To Use Text Messaging In Your Business

By Jynell Berkshire

In today’s world, there are over a billion cell phones reported to be in use. Many people do not leave their homes unless they have three things in hand…their car keys, purse or wallet and their cell phone. We are so used to hav