How to Create Raving Fans That Freaking Love You

By Marie Forleo

NEWS FLASH: The days of waiting to be “discovered” are long gone. (Can I get a hallelujah?)

With the Internet and social media, it’s easier than ever to engage with millions of potential fans around the world and make great money helping them to lead better lives with your products and services.

Handled right, not […]

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How Your Screw Ups Can Actually Create Customers Who Love You Forever

By Yanik Silver

A few years back I went to the Modern restaurant in New York City with a colleague of mine. The Modern is run by Danny Meyer, the famed CEO of several top NYC restaurants, and author of Setting the Table.

One of the touchstones of Danny’s book is his philosophy of “Enlightened Hospitality”. He […]

Entrepreneur vs. CEO: Understanding the Difference Can Save Your Business

By MaryEllen Tribby

It’s a phenomenon that I have watched for as long as I can remember, entrepreneurs who think they can magically transform themselves into a CEO purely because they started a business.

Well, brace yourself. Because the hard cold truth is that most entrepreneurs simply do not encompass the skill set to be the CEO […]

Why Starbucks Makes the Big Bucks

By MaryEllen Tribby

Lately I have seen, read and heard a lot about some major “brands” making some major mistakes. So much so that I had to think back a few years ago to recall a really GREAT experience I had with a major brand . . .

It was about three years ago and Delanie, my […]

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Cigars or Hotdogs, Same Thing – NOT!

By MaryEllen Tribby

A while back when I was on the way home from visiting my pals over at Early To Rise, I saw this sign for a local business.

Branding Your Business

I found it so amusing that I said out loud, “Now, that’s funny!” Keep […]

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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Self-Publishing on Kindle with Julia Kline

Julia Kline has had a diverse career – everything from Chicago Public Schoolteacher to Mary Kay lady to real estate developer to platform speaker to marketing consultant. And no matter what she did for a living, Julia has used her […]

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Say it Loud, Say it Proud

By MaryEllen Tribby

Print ads, pay-per-click ads, direct mail, radio, and television. There are dozens of marketing channels that you can use to effectively get your message out to millions of potential customers. Now, you may be using all of these marketing methods … and even more. But I want to be sure that you aren’t […]

How To Be Sizzling Hot When It Comes To Client Satisfaction

By Deb Pilgrim
I say it all the time: You need to love your clients.I know, I’m saying the “L” word in business. Fancy that! To me it’s a no-brainer, my clients are my business, and without them there would […]

Gift Giving from the Heart

Hello. In today’s audio diary I want to talk about holiday gifts that you may be thinking about sending out to your customers, to your joint venture partners, to clients, whoever that is. And what I want to do, is I want to advise against sending gifts that are discounts off your products. When I […]

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Talk To Them

Today’s audio diary is about how you communicate with your customers. I have two big products within Working Moms Only. One is this club, Success Club, that you are a part of. The other is called Inbox Empire. In both of these products that people have paid for and given me their trust, I have […]