Be Kind Socially

Today’s audio diary is called Be Kind Socially.

So this means when you’re on social media outlets (like Facebook or Twitter or anyone of the numerous ones out there today), and you’re talking about business, start praising some of your colleagues. Talk about them in a positive light. Do not worry that “Oh my gosh, they’re […]

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The Top Ten Things I Love About Events

By MaryEllen Tribby

This past week, I attended the Americans Writers and Artist Institute’s annual Bootcamp.

Now, this was not the first time I have attended this event. In fact, I had the privilege of being a featured speaker several times in past years.

You see AWAI was a sister company to Early To Rise. And, during my […]

10 Profitable Ways To Use Your Competitors (In a Nice Way)

By MaryEllen Tribby

“I can’t believe you gave them all that information! What if they actually apply it and their business beats ours?” Janie asked when we finished a meeting with one of our direct competitors.

This was the not first time I had received a question like that.

You see, regardless of the niche that I have […]

10 Profitable Ways to Use Your Company Competitors (in a Nice Way)

Looking for a new stream of revenue to help improve your bottom line? Well, in today's main essay I give you ten new ones! Also in this issue . . .

How to Pitch to the Very Rich

If you are looking to partner with the ultra rich, Working Moms Only expert contributor shares his top five tips in today’s main essay. Also in this issue . . .

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