Build a Tribe, Build a Business

By MaryEllen Tribby

Today I want to re-run an essay from Mikaela’s graduation. There are some perfect parallels with what it takes to build your “tribe.”

Last week, Mikaela my oldest, graduated from high school. It was a bittersweet day and as a proud mama not quite ready to let her go but knowing I must, I […]

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Build a Tribe, Build a Business

By MaryEllen Tribby

Last week, Mikaela my oldest, graduated from high school. It was a bittersweet day and as a proud mama not quite ready to let her go but knowing I must, I sat in the audience and cheered.

But I cheered not just for Mikaela.

I cheered for Kerigan. And for Ashley. And Jordon. And Lucy.

Actually […]

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Smile And Say Cheese

Today’s audio diary is called Smile And Say Cheese.

I’ve been looking at the picture that I used for my book cover, for when I’m a guest in someone else’s inbox magazine or when I’m speaking at an event.

And I’m looking at it and I’m thinking, “Hmmm, I need a change.” This picture has been around […]

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Move Your Own Cheese

By MaryEllen Tribby

“I don’t understand, if it ain’t broke – why fix it?” Dan asked.  We were on our Q&A call with members of our classic Inbox Empire program.

I could feel the anticipation from the other members when Dan asked this question.  In fact, the gasps, from the […]

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Leaders Are Readers

Today’s audio diary is called Leaders Are Readers.

Do you know that the average person reads one book a year? Can you believe that? Now, I have said this many times, that I’m a voracious reader. I love to read: I read marketing, I read business, I read self-help, I read fiction…I love to read!

And you […]

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A Like Minded Community Wins Every Time

By MaryEllen Tribby

When is the last time you received an email promotion, a piece of direct mail or a phone solicitation for a product or service and said . . .

“Wow that marketer nailed it. Their message resonated with me and I am ready to buy?”

If that rarely happens and you receive promotions all the […]

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Be Kind Socially

Today’s audio diary is called Be Kind Socially.

So this means when you’re on social media outlets (like Facebook or Twitter or anyone of the numerous ones out there today), and you’re talking about business, start praising some of your colleagues. Talk about them in a positive light. Do not worry that “Oh my gosh, they’re […]

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Find Your No, No Zone

By MaryEllen Tribby

Boy, was I stunned to see the number responses to the recent survey we sent to you and the rest of the Working Moms Only community.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a few things. I was equally disappointed to learn about a few others. And, frankly some answers were exactly as I thought […]

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Good Subject Lines

Today’s audio diary is called Good Subject Lines.

I often said that there’s a big difference, unfortunately, between doing something and doing something correctly. I want to tell a little story. Recently I had a brand new mentoring student. Now this woman is paying me a lot of money a month to privately mentor her. And […]

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What’s A Working Mom Anyway?

By MaryEllen Tribby

“Mom, I get my drivers permit in just four months.”

This is a statement I hear from my soon to be 15 year old daughter Mikaela no less than ten times a day.

Frankly, I just can’t believe it. My oldest child will be driving in just four months! It seems like it was only […]

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