The Secret Sauce for Attracting Your Ideal Clients

By Bill Baren

So I wanted to share with you a very important business skill for you to develop, one that I think is often overlooked.

Here it is…

Learn to see all of your interactions with your clients through the lens your clients are looking through (not your own).

Can you imagine knowing exactly how your ideal clients […]

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Secrets Of A Top Wall Street Recruiter

By Jeanne Omlor

Quite a few years ago, before I had my two little daughters, I used to be a pretty successful Executive Recruiter for extremely high-level Wall Street players. Now, you may be wondering how this could help you or even be pertinent to your particular business, and you might be surprised…

Well, when I was […]

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Gift Giving from the Heart

Hello. In today’s audio diary I want to talk about holiday gifts that you may be thinking about sending out to your customers, to your joint venture partners, to clients, whoever that is. And what I want to do, is I want to advise against sending gifts that are discounts off your products. When I […]

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