10 Profitable Ways to Use Your Company Competitors (in a Nice Way)

Looking for a new stream of revenue to help improve your bottom line? Well, in today's main essay I give you ten new ones! Also in this issue . . .

It's all in the Follow-Up!

Last week was event mania. I spoke at Early To Rise Bootcamp on Monday and Tuesday and on Wednesday I jetted off to speak at the Glazer/Kennedy Info Summit where I stayed through the weekend. I had the opportunity to meet and speak with so many Working Moms Only community members. Many of whom were from Australia, Israel, Ireland, Spain and Canada; and of the distant states. I was enthralled by their stories, entertained by their wit and incredibly proud of their achievements. That is why it is such an honor to introduce you to our newest Working Moms Only guest expert Deb Pilgrim (The Wonder from Down Under). Deb is an alumni-mentoring student whose business has quadrupled in the last year and shares how you can too