Does Clutter Cause Overeating?

By Maria Gracia

With all the wonderful foods surrounding us and constantly calling our names, it’s certainly not difficult to overeat now and then. Occasionally eating a bit more than we should is not going to cause any major issues…but if we’re constantly consuming too much, the calories are going to keep piling on, which may […]

5 Things Highly Successful People Do on the Weekends

By Kevin Harrington

There are so many things that separate highly successful people from, well, unsuccessful people. For example, highly successful people don’t stop working when the clock hits 5 p.m. on Friday. They continue to work until the job is done, and they also do work on the weekends as well.

With that said, highly successful […]

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Find Self Motivation to Make Positive Changes

By Harv Eker

Do you struggle to find the self motivation to change your life for the better? Keep reading to learn how to gain the momentum you need to take the first step to positive change.

How Self Motivation Results in Positive Action

I believe we are spiritual beings living physical lives. To make the most of […]

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Why “Me Time” Is Absolutely Critical for Success, Happiness & Productivity

By Harv Eker

When was the last time you gave yourself some space – physically and mentally?

We often forget just how much our physical state influences us – but it’s arguably one of the most important factors in living a happy and successful life.

Today I want to tell you about a powerful lesson I learned regarding […]

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Seven Secrets I Learned About Working from Home – From My Working Mom

By Brian Edmondson

I was sweeping up in my mom’s hair salon, just like I had done dozens of times before. And my mom was sitting counting out the drawer. I remember the look of concentration on her face as she made sure that the right amount of money was there. She smiled up at me […]

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Stop Quitting and Start Winning

By MaryEllen Tribby

Today’s issue will surely ruffle some feathers, but hopefully you will dig deep inside and realize that today is the day that the habit of quitting is dead.

You see, most people quit what they start. It’s a fact, a hard cold one that 75% of people quit the new projects they start. Think […]

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What’s Your Legacy?

By MaryEllen Tribby

I often receive incredibly humbling comments about my work. Sometimes these comments are in regards to my books, Reinventing the Entrepreneur: Turning Your Dream Business into a Reality or Changing the Channel: 12 Easy Ways to Make Millions for Your Business. Other times folks are referring to The Success Indicator, Content Profit Machine […]

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Your Second Monthly “H.I.M.” Issue

I am so happy you could be here for our second H.I.M. issue.

I guarantee this one will bring a tear to your eye. I know it did and for me and I have read this story about 100 times!

Even more importantly it will prove once again how valuable our young minds are and how we […]

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What a Ten-Year-Old Can Teach You About Business

By MaryEllen Tribby

A couple of months ago, before the school year ended my 10-year old daughter Delanie came to me and said “Mom, I really want my tennis game to improve this summer. By the time the tennis academy starts up again in August, I want to be the best one.”

So hubby, Delanie and I […]

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Life Coaching: The FastTrack to Peak Performance and Personal Happiness

by Christy Whitman

The field of professional coaching has been around for many years. And while once it was viewed primarily as training for peak athletes or high-level executives, it is now highly sought after by individuals from all backgrounds who are committed to realizing their full potential for happiness and abundance in both their personal […]