Overcoming Tragedy

By MaryEllen Tribby

I have been keeping something from you…

…it affected my life in an intense and profound way.

At first I could not even discuss it. But now just more than three months later, I am ready to share this story.

And like all my essays, it is my sincere hope that you learn and prosper from […]

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Stop the Blaming and the Shaming: Overcoming Tragedies Together

By MaryEllen Tribby

Last week was a very difficult week for anyone who keeps up with the news.

The happiest place on earth – Orlando, Florida, the home of Disney World, Sea World, multiple water parks and countless other attractions, was hammered with catastrophic, senseless and heartbreaking occurrences.

This hit me like a ton of bricks as not […]

Unspoken Four Letter Words

By MaryEllen Tribby

Recently my friend Ryan Lee wrote a wonderful essay on the words we choose and the connotation they hold. And as a parent, it was extremely synergistic with my philosophy on child rearing. And as a human being, it is something I implement in my business and everyday life.

Ryan’s words poignantly reminded me […]

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Burning Bridges Is for Amateurs: Leaving Biz Right Helps You for Life

By MaryEllen Tribby

I am fortunate. .  .

I wake up every morning and look forward to interacting with my business team, to brainstorm content and marketing ideas, and discuss what kind of products will make the biggest impact on our community.

But not everyone feels the way I do. And when they aren’t happy with the work […]

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3 Secrets to Happiness

By Craig Ballantyne

One morning, a friend called me in distress about her relationship with her boyfriend. There was one misunderstanding after another, and now they weren’t talking. After 20 minutes we worked out a plan and I’ll share it below. But it got me thinking about how easy it is for us to slip from […]

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Recognizing Your Anger Signs BEFORE You Explode

By MaryEllen Tribby

It is amazing. I see many angry people lately.

I see them driving their cars on the highway, in the line at the grocery store and rushing through the airport just to name a few spots.

I often wonder what is the root of such anger. But even more disturbing is how this anger is […]

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Two Tiny Words You Should Be Using in Your Business That Will Get People to Say “Yes” to Anything

By Russell Brunson

About two years ago we launched our first automated webinar. It was for a product called DotComSecrets Local that we sold for $1,000. I wanted to make this one perfect, so I spent almost six full months building the sales process, writing the webinar scripts, creating the follow up sequence and trying to […]

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7 Elegant Truths About Happiness

by Noah St. John

In The Varieties of Religious Experience, William James wrote: “If we were to ask the question: ‘What is human life’s chief concern?’ one of the answers we should receive would be: ‘It is happiness.'”

Here then are 7 elegant truths about happiness for your reading pleasure…

1. Happiness does not mean not having any […]

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Stop Networking for More Profit

By MaryEllen Tribby

It’s a self-marketing tactic I’ve really come to hate…

I’m talking about “networking.” Sure, I’ve been hearing all about networking for years. I’ve even used the word myself!

But when you get down to it, networking is cold, sterile… and it seems self-serving: one person trying to form a web of contacts whose sole purpose […]

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5 Rules You Should Never Break

By Gail Trahd

“She wants me to WHAT?”  My then-husband stood with the phone in his hand, helplessly watching me doubled over in pain.  “The doctor said this is normal and you should just wait it out.”

Never mind that I practiced medicine for over 20 years, or that I had undergone abdominal surgery before . . […]

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