Life Coaching: The FastTrack to Peak Performance and Personal Happiness

by Christy Whitman

The field of professional coaching has been around for many years. And while once it was viewed primarily as training for peak athletes or high-level executives, it is now highly sought after by individuals from all backgrounds who are committed to realizing their full potential for happiness and abundance in both their personal […]

A Better Approach to Positive Thinking

By Noah St. John

As a working mom, you know that traditional success teachers have told you to say “affirmations” – positive statements that you’d like to be true. For example, a classic “affirmation” is: “I am rich.”

Try it. Say “I am rich.”

What just happened? Did you hear a voice in your head that said: “Yeah, […]

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Grow a Successful Internet Business with E.S.P.

By MaryEllen Tribby

If you want to grow a successful business, then you need to have a little E.S.P.

No, not extra sensory perception (although that certainly wouldn’t hurt! :). Instead, you need three very important elements:

  • Entry-level offers
  • Subscription offers
  • Premium offers

Let’s take a look at these three pieces in detail and see how they fit into your overall […]

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3 Heroic Health Lessons from a Working Mom

By Lynda Goldman

My earliest memories are of my mother chasing me down the street with a banana.

I was a skinny child, and my mom constantly worried that I would starve to death if she didn’t take heroic action.

Fast forward to a recent trip to Vietnam, where it struck me how mothers the world over are […]

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“This Really is the No Excuse Zone”

By MaryEllen Tribby

“Oh, I have wanted to start my own business for years.”

This was a comment I heard the other night from one of the moms at Delanie’s softball game. All I could think was that if I had a penny for every time I heard that phase . . .

I had to ask this […]

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Your Brain Wants You to Think You’re Right, Even If You’re Not

By Dr. Susan Mathison

If you’ve ever been on a first date… or if you’ve ever interviewed someone who wanted to work for you… or if you’ve ever taken a new car for a test drive, you’ve probably experienced a pesky cognitive situation known as: “confirmation bias.”

What is confirmation bias?

It’s when you “want” something to be […]

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Turn Quitting Habits into Winning Habits

By MaryEllen Tribby

Today’s issue will surely ruffle some feathers, but hopefully you will dig deep inside and realize that today is the day that the habit of quitting is dead.

You see, most people quit what they start. It’s a fact, a hard cold one that 75% of people quit the new projects they start. Think […]

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Talk Yourself Out of Stress

By MaryEllen Tribby

Positive self-talk is not a bunch of hooey.

It can and does work when practiced on a regular basis. You might be surprised if you knew what some of the most successful people you know were thinking – not to mention some extremely famous successful folks. We don’t know their exact thoughts for sure, […]

Recognizing Your Anger Signs BEFORE You Explode

By MaryEllen Tribby

It is amazing. I see many angry people lately.

I see them driving their cars on the highway, in the line at the grocery store and rushing through the airport just to name a few spots.

I often wonder what is the root of such anger. But even more disturbing is how this anger is […]

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Combat Premature Aging with Food

By Dr. Al Sears, MD

Everyone wants glowing, radiant, soft skin.

This isn’t a problem when you’re in your teens and 20s. But as you age, your skin begins to change and the youthful glow you love slowly starts fading.

Cosmetic companies know this.

That’s why they target women in their 30s, 40s and older with advertisements about “rejuvenating” […]

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