Quick Fixes for Keeping More Money

by Kendall SummerHawk

Have you ever felt the thrill of having a financial windfall in your business - like signing on a new client, launching a program, landing your first higher-fee client or receiving an unexpected commission check -only to see the money disappear by the end of the month?

At that moment, you're probably wondering, "What [...]

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A Better Way to a Better Healthier Heart

By Dr. Joel Kahn

Every time I see Sheila I give her a hug as she often looks sad and a bit lost. It has been 18 months since her husband Daniel went out for a run on a beautiful fall day never to come back.

He was found sprawled on a trail blue and lifeless [...]

Top 10 Biggest LinkedIn Mistakes – and What to Do About Them

By Julie Hood

If Facebook is like an "online party" for its members, LinkedIn is like the biggest and best "networking event" for you and your business.

Every business owner (and employee) should use LinkedIn to build their business and grow their personal reputation. With 330 million plus members, the site offers several ways to build connections [...]

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What’s Your R.O.T.? The More You Know, The More You Make

By MaryEllen Tribby

The other day I was tired. Not just yawn tried, but so tired my head hurt, my feet hurt and everything in between hurt.

To make matters worse, I had a zillion and one things that needed to get done that day, important things. Including hosting a bi-monthly Q & A Coaching Call for [...]

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Are You a Victim or a Leader? Your Choice!

By MaryEllen Tribby

Recently to my great surprise, I found out that the show "24" was coming back to television for a new season.

This is my favorite TV show of all times. It is filled with well-developed characters, intriguing story lines and suspenseful cliffhangers that end each episode.

If you are not familiar with the show, the [...]

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5 Ways to Build Your Business (and 9 Reasons Why Partners Promote)

By Milana Leshinsky

There are many marketing strategies to get clients and put people in your programs. But if you're tired of getting little to no results, there's one strategy that can give you a client-getting "shortcut" you'll love.

The super successful business leaders use one primary method to break through six and seven figure ceilings. It's [...]

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Your Business Isn’t a Fence

By MaryEllen Tribby

Recently while walking Coco on one of our midday breaks I noticed one of our neighbors was having their fence taken down.

The next day on my walk with Coco the fence was totally down.

And the following day, a new fence was starting to appear.

Given that Coco is the cutest, friendliest white Boxer in [...]

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How to Overcome One of the Biggest Buying Objections and Get a Rush of Business

By Milana Leshinsky

One of the BIGGEST reasons people may not buy from you or hire you is because they don't trust you.

There's just too much information and too many experts out there, frequently offering conflicting advice. It can be really confusing and create a lot of skepticism in your prospects' minds.

That's why you want to [...]

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Vendors that Help Your Business Grow

By MaryEllen Tribby

There are two main questions I get on a regular basis from my high-end consulting clients.

The first is about how I structure my day. They ask because, they are amazed by my ability to get all the important tasks done and done well.

The second question is who are my vendors? Whom do I [...]

Know Your Numbers to Get More Done

By Ric Thompson

If someone says they're from the government and they're here to help you, run away as fast as you can right?

But what if I said that the US Census Bureau actually CAN help your small business grow?

Yes, not the SBA, not any other government related organization, program or handout.

The US Census Bureau.

(And no, [...]

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