Article by: MaryEllen | Monday, October 22, 2018

By T. Harv Eker

Throughout your life, you’ve probably heard the same thing, over and over again from your parents, teachers, even from your friends…

That it’s simply not possible to live your passions and succeed in life at the same time.

That the only way to succeed is to find a job, career or profession that seems “safe.” Or to make it in life, you need to work hard to take care of your responsibilities. And only if you’re lucky, you’d get wealthy along the way.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, in my opinion, the only way to succeed and become wealthy is to follow your passions, and use them to live out your life’s real purpose.

Look deep inside yourself and think about what you’re doing with your life right now.

Are you happy with what you’re doing? Does your job, business, or career leave you feeling fulfilled at the end of each day?

If not, it’s probably because whatever you’re doing isn’t a good fit for you as a person.

It’s like wearing a shoe that’s two sizes too small for you, for 8-10 hours every day of your life. That wouldn’t be very fun or worthwhile, would it? But that’s exactly what most people do in their existing day jobs, careers, or businesses.

And I think that’s tragic.

That’s why in today’s post I’m going to debunk the 5 most common myths to help you ignore the B.S. that you’ve been taught your whole life about doing what you love — and getting rich as a result — so you can live the life of passion, purpose, and profits YOU deserve. Read on to learn what they are…

MYTH 1 — “You need to find your passion by actively searching for it.”

This is one of the biggest myths I hear from my students, and it just isn’t true! There is no one out there who can tell you what your passions are and how to live a life that fulfills you.

You already have a passion, even if you don’t know it.

For me, it was health and fitness. Once I realized I wanted to help people live better, more energetic lives, everything else came into focus.

But for you, it might be something different. In fact, it could be almost anything: an industry that you feel drawn to, an interest that you keep coming back to again and again, or even a cause that you care about.

Your passion isn’t something you can find outside of yourself.

TRUTH — Your passion is something you already know, deep down, maybe without even realizing it.

You need to look inward and find out what already excites you and drives you in your daily life.

You just need to know how to pull it out.

Don’t know what your passion in life is?

Watch my free web class to find out what it is that drives you and how you can turn your passion into profits.

MYTH 2 — “Passions are hobbies, not businesses.”

Most of us grew up being told that if you couldn’t get a degree in an “interest” or hobby, it won’t make you successful.

Maybe in the past, this “conventional wisdom” worked for some people — but many people just ended up stuck in jobs, careers, and businesses they couldn’t stand! Sound familiar?

Today, we now have the best opportunity ever to create wealth doing what we love… partially because of this great little thing called the internet.

TRUTH — Passions can be easily turned into businesses by monetizing them within niche communities via the internet.

There are so many websites and online businesses out there that simply couldn’t have existed a decade ago. And that’s because the internet makes it easy to find niche communities and monetize the interests you already care about.

Just keep in mind though, that not every passion can be monetized — some interests you have may be too specialized or don’t have enough demand.

So in those cases, we recommend finding people who have done what you intend to do. Find out if they have been successful so you can see if your interests can make you wealthy. And if they were successful, model what they did.

If you’re not sure your passion is one that can make good money, don’t fret. This doesn’t mean that you should lose all hope of ever being successful.

This just means that you need to identify your other passions and look for the opportunities and sub-passions they present.

The best opportunity ever to create wealth is doing what we love.

MYTH 3 — “You can only have one passion, and you need to stick to it no matter what.”

Most people think there’s only one overarching passion you can have in life.

Not only is that wrong, but just imagine if we applied that kind of thinking in other areas of life – would you ever tell someone that just because they liked chocolate ice cream, they could never have any other desserts ever again? Of course not!

Instead, life is more like a dessert tray:

You have a variety of passions you can pick and choose from, some of which might be related to others you already know you have an interest in.

A lot of the broad passions people have can also have “sub-passions” hidden within them, leaving you with an abundance of opportunity.

One good example is an interest in health and wellness. Within that niche, you have fitness, nutrition, supplements, and so many other sub-categories.

So if you find that it isn’t serving you, you don’t have to give up on your dreams. You just need to regroup, shift focus, and move on to your next passion.

TRUTH — You can have many passions. If your passion isn’t serving you, just shift your focus and move on to your next passion.

A lot of the broad passions people have can also have “sub-passions” hidden within them, leaving you with an abundance of opportunity.

MYTH 4 — “If you’re living your passion and purpose, you never have to work a day in your life!”

Just because you’re doing something you care about and love doing, doesn’t mean running a business is easy!

In fact, just getting started can take an enormous amount of time and energy. There are so many tasks you’ll run into every day you’re in business, and a lot of them aren’t going to be things that you love to do.

So to say that you’ll never have bad days, or work will never ever feel like work again is a stretch.

TRUTH — Starting a business based on your passion and purpose makes difficult moments a whole lot easier!

Think about it.

If you’re motivated toward your goals and doing something you find meaningful and fulfilling, it’s so much easier to push yourself through the tasks you might find boring or even uncomfortable.

And that’s like any other area in life. You’ll have your ups and downs in any business.

However, if you start your business the right way, you can minimize the number of activities you have to do that aren’t aligned with what you really, truly love doing.

You won’t be just going through the motions, day in and day out, working a job that you dread — which will result in more money, happiness, fulfillment, and motivation each day!

If you’re motivated toward your goals and doing something you find meaningful and fulfilling, it’s so much easier to push yourself through your tasks.

MYTH 5 — “Once you find your passion, success will soon follow.”

Finding your passion doesn’t mean that you can simply sit back and watch success and money flow in.

It’s similar to the “law of attraction” that everyone seems to misunderstand. Just because you want something or think about it often, doesn’t mean opportunities will magically come to your doorstep.

Bottomline: nothing ever happens without action being taken in the real world.

TRUTH — Once you find your passion, success will only come when you take real action in the real world.

So even though you found your passion, it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to make money with it.

BUT… you are on the right track.

Once you know what your passion is, you can take it and create a mission for yourself, and craft a step-by-step plan on how to create your vision in the real world and build toward the success you want to see. Good or good?

About the Author

T. Harv Eker is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller “Secrets of The Millionaire Mind”. He also founded and then sold one of the largest success training companies in the world!

He’s taught just under 2 million students worldwide and has helped changed the financial lives of literally thousands upon thousands of students.

Harv’s mission is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to help you spread your message and create wealth with your passion, so you too can enjoy your freedom while helping thousands of people across the world.

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