Article by: MaryEllen | Thursday, September 7, 2017

By Dan Kennedy

Last night I opened the front door to take my dog for a walk to discover it was pouring rain. Being the optimist, I figured it would stop soon, so I closed the door and decided to watch the news while I waited. It’s a good thing I did, because according to the weatherman, there was no rain in the viewing area, so there was no need for me to wait, I could head right outside into the non-existent rain to walk the dog.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the messaging for your business could be 100% wrong like the weatherman?

Unless you are a weatherman at a station I will not name to protect the guilty, ensuring that your marketing messages are clear, compelling and truthful is a requirement for your success.

The truthful part is for most of us, easy. To help with the clear and compelling, below are 5 things your marketing messages must do.

Project a powerful, persuasive, intriguing, compelling, fascinating message. Is your message ordinary or similar to others in your market? Is it plain vanilla? Easily ignored? Just about the facts? If so, it needs to be doctored so that it stands out. This is especially true if your product or service is widely available.

Review your marketing. Does it differentiate your business and perhaps establish you as the expert people should work with, regardless the cost? If not, it should.

Deliver a clear message to a specific target audience. Is your messaging vague and targeting anyone, resulting in your targeting no one? Or do you have a specific customer type that you’ve defined and are targeting in your marketing?

Marketing to everyone weakens your marketing power. Concentrating on a specific population will increase your marketing fire power and will be much more effective-even if that means excluding a portion of the population.

Connect with the people most likely to buy from you. Are you using media that gets in front of your target audience? Or are you using media that everyone else is using or that was promoted by the guy you met at a chamber meeting?

If you know your market, you know what media is best suited to connect with them. Different types of media work best for different types of businesses and different target markets. Invest wisely in the most appropriate media that will deliver your message to your chosen target market.

Be effective and efficient. Don’t make marketing decisions based on ease or upfront costs. Using any form of marketing solely due to its ease of implementation or cost does not necessarily make it the most effective or efficient. More often than not, the cheap easy advertising actually ends up being more expensive because it produces no results.

Choose your marketing because it is effective and proven to get results with your target market. Try different things to see which marketing reliably bring in the best results. And do not be afraid to kill off campaigns that are not producing.

Test to verify. Do you know if your marketing is producing results? Or are you guessing? As a small business owner, you don’t have money to waste. If you don’t know if your marketing is giving you a return on your investment, you need to find out-IMMEDIATELY, and stop any and all campaigns that are not providing a return on your investment.

About the Author

Dan Kennedy is the author of 27 books and one of the highest paid marketing consultants and copywriters in the world. His private client list that includes the who’s who of marketing gurus, business owners and billion-dollar companies like Guthy-Renker. The marketing plans he’s devised for clients have been based on the strategies you’re about to discover in this video. This includes clients who pay $100,000 or more for marketing campaigns and over $19,900 for a single day of consulting!