Article by: MaryEllen | Thursday, April 27, 2017

By Harv Eker

When was the last time you gave yourself some space – physically and mentally?

We often forget just how much our physical state influences us – but it’s arguably one of the most important factors in living a happy and successful life.

Today I want to tell you about a powerful lesson I learned regarding this while on a yoga retreat with my daughter – one which changed my life.

We went to this ashram, and there wasn’t that much going on – other than the fact that there was meditation and chanting, pranayama and yoga.

My daughter, as many of you know, lives in San Francisco and she’s a very busy young woman. Not only is she the manager of a well-known store, but she also go-go dances at night, which is something she’s been doing since she was in college and she enjoys it very much.

While we were at the ashram together – all she did was sleep.

Finally, she started getting a little bit of energy on the third day, and she was really starting to enjoy it. We laid on a hammock together and we were looking up at this tree.

She asked me “Why am I so tired? I didn’t even realize it.” I said, “I don’t know. You tell me.” She said, “Dad, I’m constantly on the go. I never stop.” And then it hit her – she was burnt out.

When the Treadmill Stops

A lot of people have this same issue, and it reminds me of a treadmill. Sometimes you have one of those auto programs and it starts with the warmup, and you start going faster and faster.

You don’t even realize how fast you’re going – until you stop.

One day at the ashram, we were staring at the trees surrounding us. I asked her to look at what was around the branches, the space in between, and it was like, boom. She said, “Oh my God. That’s it. I have no space. I’ve given myself no space in my life for nothingness.”

Space vs. Information

The truth is, there are only two things in the universe. There is space and there is information.

Those are the only two things that exist – and 99.999% of it is space.

There’s just a little bit of information infused in that space, and that’s everything that you can basically absorb with your senses.

This works on both a macro and micro level. For instance, when I look around, I can see a bunch of grass, and the space between those blades. When you go deeper, you see a molecule – but if you look with a higher-powered microscope, you see atoms, neurons, neutrons and everything around that.

But it’s mostly all space.

That means that almost everything is space, infused with a little bit of information.

And here’s one of the most important lessons I want you to know: in that space is Spirit. It’s the universe. It’s wisdom. It is present moment. It is the highest level of living within that space.

And you can’t access that wisdom unless you allow space to just exist.

That’s why meditation is practiced by so many people who want to be, or are, enlightened, because it gives you space between your thoughts.

The thing is, when we are really young, we have our space, but then what happens is we have these things that are loaded on us called responsibilities.

Pretty soon we learn that our life consists of the treadmill.

We forget that we were off the treadmill before we got on it – and then we forget we can actually get off the treadmill.

Here’s a question for you that I don’t want you to answer: Are you personally intelligent enough to be successful and give yourself enough space to at least be able to connect with Spirit and enjoy your life?

The only part of you that says you can’t do it is your conditioned mind. Does your ego mind want you to do that? No. Why?

Because you’ll find space. And what happens if you find space? You’ll find Spirit. Then what happens?

Well, if you find enough Spirit, your ego mind loses its job and it doesn’t want that because it’s a protective mechanism.

There is a part of you which is your higher self, your true wisdom or your higher wisdom. If you give yourself some space, you will see what the treadmill looks like – because right now, you can’t even see the treadmill.

In Ayurveda, they believe you only have a certain amount of energy in your life and when you run out of that energy, it’s over. Of course, certain things deplete your energy and certain things enhance your energy – and effort doesn’t necessarily deplete you.

It’s all about how you come at the problem, and the perspective you bring – which is a direct response of your physical well-being and sense of inner calm.

Giving Yourself Space

And this all begins with giving yourself space.

When you hear a song, it is the space between the notes that makes up the song. It is the space between the words that makes up the sentence and the meaning.

If you didn’t have the space between the words and the space between the letters, it would all just be one big line.

It is the space that delineates and emphasizes everything else around it.

Without the space between the letters, you couldn’t read. Without the space between the words, you couldn’t understand anything.

It is the space that makes everything else in your life better. Without that space, everything turns into one big piece of mush.

Giving yourself that space is the main step to getting yourself connected to Spirit. It also is the main step to live a quality life.

Next time you’re stressed, or rushing around, take just 10 or 20 minutes away from it to just be.

Give yourself the gift of space, and you’ll begin to see your life change for the better – in every single way.

As you just read, taking space both mentally and physically is EXTREMELY important. However, if you’re not in the habit of taking space right now, then there’s a good chance you won’t ever do it.

Why? Because we’re creatures of habit and how you do anything is how you do everything.

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