Article by: MaryEllen | Monday, March 6, 2017

I spent most of last week and the beginning of this week in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey visiting family.

The trip was great, and not only did I get to spend time with my sister, my mom and nieces but also got to meet my brand new great nephew Hunter and see my beautiful two-year-old great niece Ava. Plus all the landscapes we visited were green and lush, absolutely gorgeous. All the while living my blended lifestyle, and my business did not miss a beat!

I have to say seeing my family was awesome but I had an extremely unexpected surprise as well.

You see one day while I was taking a long walk I came across a beautiful antique shop.

Being an amateur collector, I needed to stop and take a look around. But when I got to the door where the shop hours were posted, I noticed they were closed on Sundays. As I was about to leave, a women came by and asked if she could help me. I told her I had wanted to look around but understood they were closed. Well she immediately said she would get her husband to open up the shop.

Just a moment or two later an older gentleman had the doors open for me. Well, I spent almost an hour in the shop. Not looking around as much as talking to Mr. Prickett, the business owner. We talked about everything from business to kids to tennis. You see the shop was on his magnificent property and I immediately noticed a tennis court behind his house. And at almost 90 he plays tennis several times a week!

He told me he started his business 52 years ago with $1,500 and that today (and for the last 30 years) he is the number one fine authenticated American antique business in the country! His old fashioned values made him what he is today. And in 52 years he has NEVER had a piece of furniture returned!

As I was leaving, he invited me to return with my family and to play tennis whenever I was back in town.

That evening I thought what a different state commerce would be in today if everyone had the old fashioned values Mr. Prickett lived by. It made me sad to think of the terrible mistakes entrepreneurs make today. Unfortunately my list is very long, but today I will share what I believe to be . . .

The Five Worst Business Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

5) They do NOT follow through: This encompasses everything from product development to marketing to business relations. I cannot tell you how many times I have had “colleagues” call me or email me ask me to either collaborate on a project, be a guest on a teleseminar or interview me for podcast and I agree to help or collaborate and then THEY do not follow through. Truth be told this used to happen more when I first started out in business. Now I have a screening process so I do not waste my time. But it is still a mystery to me as to why someone would do this. Not only are they wasting everyone’s time, they are destroying relationship equity. The opportunity is lost forever.

4) They hire too fast: I see this all the time. Entrepreneurs need someone to help out so they hire fast and most of the time it is the wrong person. Before you hire anyone, make sure you know the “kind” of person you want and whether that person has the experience you want. Take time to discuss this process with your mentor BEFORE you hire. By speaking to someone, it forces you to be clear on exactly what you need.

3) They keep bad employees: Unfortunately many entrepreneurs have a hard time firing employees. But keeping a bad employee is like spreading a disease. Every time you prolong firing a “bad” apple, you are destroying good employees. Noting ruins good employees faster than watching a bad employee be rewarded.   

2) They do not have a mission statement and core values: If you do not have a mission statement that you can share with your employees, colleagues and vendors, you are leaving money on the table. Your mission statement describes your “why” – why you are in business and if this is not apparent, you are not functioning at 100%. Your core values describe your “how” – how you operate your business. And everyone in your business needs to operate under the same value system. This is so important, please look out for an entire issue dedicated to this in the next couple of weeks.

1) They don’t have a mentor: Everyone at every stage of business needs a mentor. Yet so many go it alone. Even when I asked Mr. Prickett how he propelled his business, he replied that he always had someone by his side that knew more than he did.

If you do not have someone you can trust, someone who has a repeatable track record in building businesses, you are leaving money on the table!

And frankly that is one of the reasons I am re-opening “Mentoring with MaryEllen”. Because I see so many entrepreneurs trying to start or grow their businesses on their own.

If you would like to have me help you with your business, you need to contact today. Simply write the word “Mentor” in the subject line. Patrick will email you back and set up a time to speak to see if this is the right fit.

Finding the “right” mentor is one of the most important things you will ever do in business. And I will only work with passionate action takers who are serious about growing or starting a business.

Did you know the very first class of “Mentoring with MaryEllen” included these students:

  • Marie Forleo, internet celebrity and self-help guru
  • Noah St. John, best-selling author and international speaker
  • Baeth Davis, international spiritual healer
  • Jim Trippon, top financial newsletter publisher
  • Sandy Krakowski, up-and-coming social media guru

And look at them today – enough said.

If you want to really make an impact, if you want to finally have a business that feeds you instead of you constantly starving – email today!

Check It Out!

 What do Marie Forleo, Sandy Krakowski and Noah St. John have in common?

Well if you said that they are all well respected thought leaders with a booming business, you would be correct.

But did you know that they were all in my very first class of “Mentoring with MaryEllen”? And did you know that it was while working with me, their businesses soared?

Here is one of my favorite emails from Marie after one of our coaching calls:

To: MaryEllen Tribby
Marie Forleo

Subject: OMG – best. coaching. call. eva.

Seriously?  I feel like I just got a business colonic!

(SORRY FOR the bad visual) but the call was SO SO SO SO SO good.

Thank you to you both!


And then there was Sandi Krakowski – look what happened  after only 90 days!


“When I started with MaryEllen I was a handsomely paid copywriter and direct response marketer with a dream to start my own info-publishing business.  MaryEllen not only confirmed with me the things I knew but she propelled me forward faster than ANY OTHER MENTOR in the things I   didn’t know!

MaryEllen gave me clear step-by-step plans on how to get from point A-B-Z in record-breaking time. She also helped me clear away the “fluff and nonsense” that had gotten in my head from far too much exposure to FAKERS masquerading as Guru’s.

Week after week we hit copywriting, list building, media buys, management, hiring and firing, relationship marketing, PPC, Social Media and more!  

After 90 days of 1 on 1 mentoring with ME we went from being a freelance business with an Alexa ranking of 1 million to 193,183, a list of 3,000 to 40,000 customers, doing all work by myself to 1 employee & 3 contractors, partnerships   w/power players and other big clients!

She is THE BEST mentor I’ve ever worked with! To say my time with her had an impact on my business is an   understatement- it was RADICALLY life changing!”  

~Sandi Krakowski
CEO A Real Change International, LLC

And of course there is Noah St. John who says:


“When I got the opportunity to be mentored by MaryEllen, I jumped at the chance. One of the most important things she taught me is to STOP doing so many things that were wasting my time and energy.

Working with MaryEllen not only helped me grow my list, but increased my PROFITS 500%!

I now have the peace of mind knowing that my future is secure.”  

~Noah St. John, inventor of Afformations and author of The Secret Code of Success


Now if you are ready to get some dramatic results in your business or you want to finally start that business, your first step is to email with “Mentor” in the subject line.

Patrick will set up a time to chat to see if you are a great candidate for “Mentoring with MaryEllen”.

Full disclosure here, I can only accept a handful of folks and I want the action takers – people with passion and desire to build something awesome.

So if that sounds like you, email right now and simply write “Mentor” in the subject line.