Article by: MaryEllen | Monday, December 26, 2016

By MaryEllen Tribby

If you want to grow a successful business, then you need to have a little E.S.P.

No, not extra sensory perception (although that certainly wouldn’t hurt! :). Instead, you need three very important elements:

  • Entry-level offers
  • Subscription offers
  • Premium offers

Let’s take a look at these three pieces in detail and see how they fit into your overall business plan…

E – Entry-Level Offers

Entry-level offers are your least expensive products, which are typically priced in the $7 to $50 range. You may put these in almost any format, but generally you’ll offer them as downloadable short reports, ecourses, ebooks, videos, audios or a monthly fee for membership sites.

These may offer beginner level information in your niche.

If you are in the internet marketing world, you may have an ebook that covers a dozen of the top traffic generation techniques. Or you might offer an advanced report on a small piece of a larger topic, such as an intermediate or advanced report about search engine optimization.

If you are in the health world, a great topic for an ebook would be the three best exercises to conquer during your workday. Or you might offer a video on the 10 foods to eat every day and why.

Whatever the niche and topic, you design these products to bring people into your sales funnel, continue to build relationships and to build trust through your inbox magazine so that your all of your new customers become repeat buyers. Because selling low reports alone aren’t huge income generators.

So, what else can do you do with your customer list to make the big bucks?

Well you offer them your backend offers. Offers that make sense and solve a problem or challenge for your community. And subscription products and premium products makes perfect sense.

Enter the “S” . . .

S – Subscription Offers

This is the part of your sales funnel where you can start to really make a nice profit and watch your bank account grow. You do this by offering membership sites or other continuity programs where customers pay you ongoing monthly fees for access to your content and site.

You’re probably most familiar with this model in terms of common service businesses.

Example: You pay a monthly fee in order to get continued cell phone service, web hosting or other services.

However, you can set up a subscription offer for products.

Example #1: You might offer a training course divided into 52 lessons, which you deliver in weekly installments. You can set up a continuity program where members pay you from $10 to $197 every month in order to access these lessons.

Example #2: You might create brand-new PLR or resell rights content for your members to sell. You provide new resell rights content every month, and your customers pay you a monthly fee to remain a member.

These offers are the foundation for your business, because they generate a steady monthly income for you. Indeed, you’re making money passively, since your customers are rebilled automatically.

However, your profits don’t stop here. You should use both your entry-level products and your subscription offers to promote your premium offers…

P – Premium Offers

These are your high-ticket products and services that typically sell for at least $497. These include offers like:

  • A month-long virtual workshop.
  • A home study course.
  • Personal consulting / coaching / training.
  • A weekend workshop.
  • The recordings from a weekend workshop or other high-ticket course.
  • Resell rights to your premium content.

The benefit of these premium offers is that you don’t need to sell a lot in order to make a lot of money.

Example: Selling just 20 copies of a $1997 home study course puts a quick $20,000 in your pocket – and you can do this month after month!

That $7 report may pay your mortgage or put food on the table. But if you want to make a fortune online, you need to create your own inbox magazine and sales funnel incorporating my E.S.P. system:

  • E – Entry-level offers that build trust so people will buy from you again.
  • S – Subscription offers that create a steady stream of income for you.
  • P – Premium offers that take you from “making a living” online to making a fortune!

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PS – My favorite thing about my Inbox Empire business model is that it works for any niche! So whatever your passion, whatever your calling, this will work for you!