Article by: MaryEllen | Thursday, August 27, 2015

by Noah St. John

Building a business is like building a house.

There are a lot of moving parts. There are many things that have to get done. Things have to get done in a certain order. And things never seem to go as planned.

But let’s imagine that in spite of all those obstacles, you decide that you still want to do it.

There are basically two ways to build a house:

The first way is, you wake up in the morning and go, “I really want to build my house. Gee, I wonder what I should be doing today?”

So you grab some boards and start hammering them together. Then you go over to another part of the house and start slapping those boards together.

Notice that you’re working really hard here.

But what’s wrong with this picture?


You don’t have a plan. You don’t have a blueprint – a system – a strategy.

So you’re working really, really hard every day – but you end up with a house that’s pretty drafty and not that comfortable to live in.

Sound familiar?

But here’s what I want to tell you…

Most of this isn’t your fault.

Why? Because, after working with thousands of people in my live events and online programs since 1997, I gradually came to realize that there are some very persuasive marketers out there whose message is essentially this:

“Hey man, this build-your-business stuff is really easy! Just do what I did and you can make millions in your pajamas!”

Of course, that’s the kind of message we all WANT to be true. Who wants to work? We all secretly desire that kind of “push-button profits.”

For a while, I even bought into that.

When I was building my business, I spent over $100,000 on very persuasive marketers who all basically said the same thing.

But what I found, after going through their programs, was two-fold:

1. A good portion of what they taught was actually pretty good.

2. But there were so many holes in what they taught, that you could drive a truck through them.

In other words, what many marketers do is tease you with the stuff that sounds – and maybe even is – easy.

But when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, down-and-dirty, in the trenches stuff that actually means the difference between success and failure – between making a profit and taking a loss – between growing your business and losing your business – they just happened to “leave the good stuff out”.

Needless to say, that was monumentally frustrating.

And it caused me to have to go back to the drawing board time and time again.

Today, I’m blessed to run a healthy 7-figure business – but more importantly, I’ve helped my clients add more than $100 Million in new revenues using my methods.

Which brings us to the second way to build your house…

Let’s say that you decide that you want to build your dream home, and this time you want to do it right. What’s the first thing you should do?

Unless you’re a skilled architect, the first thing you should do is hire an architect. Someone who knows what they’re doing. Someone who has helped other people build their dream home.

And what is the first question the architect is going to ask you?


“What kind of house do you want?”

It is not the architect’s job to tell you what kind of house you “should” want. The job of a good architect – like a good mentor – is to help you discover what YOU want; and then show you step-by-step how to get there.

Naturally, there are constraints that must be considered – the most common of which are Time and Money.

All of us have a limited amount of Time and Money. There are only so many hours in a day, and the money we have is the money we have.

The great part about building your business, however, is that when you follow what I call a “Leveraged Ascension Plan”, you can actually live in your house as you build it.

For example, I teach my clients about the concept of Leverage, which means “using what you HAVE to get what you WANT.”

You have the time you have.
You have the money you have.
You have the resources you have.
You have the knowledge you have.

Don’t wait until everything is “perfect” before you start building your house.

Yes, there will be setbacks, failures, reversals, speed bumps, things that don’t go the way you planned.

Does that mean you’re a failure? Does that mean you should quit?
No and no.

It means that there’s something missing in your plan.

But guess what? Someone knows how to fix your problem.

Find that someone who’s helped other people solve the same problem you’re facing. Seek them out and hire them or take a course from them.

The bottom line is, you don’t have to work so hard on your business in order to have the house you really want.

After all your hard work, you don’t have to end up with a house that’s drafty.

Find a mentor, get a plan, and take inspired action!


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