Article by: MaryEllen | Monday, August 24, 2015

I have exciting news to share with you!

My friend, Ellie Drake, has invited me to take part in the highly anticipated Ease with the Experts Summit.

I’m truly honored to be able to contribute to this remarkable event, which will provide mind blowing insights and life-changing advice from some of the world’s leading visionaries, including Claire Zammit,  Vishen Lakhiani, Larry Benet, Sally Hogshead, Dr. John Demartini, Christy Whitman, and Carol Look!

I know are you ready to evolve, both professionally and personally!

Looking for ways to turn those seemingly overwhelming challenges into opportunities? The Ease with the Experts Summit is your chance to learn life lessons from an elite panel of world renowned entrepreneurs, business leaders and visionaries.

Guest speakers will open up like never before to share personal stories of success and failure – the crucial insights and lessons learned that allow these trailblazers to understand just what it takes to truly achieve your dreams with EASE!

So join me and a panel of distinguished experts and spiritual teachers for the EASE with the Experts Summit, starting Tuesday, September 1st!

·         Experience daily joy and fulfillment in your work using proven techniques and practices for self-motivation and actualization
·         Nurture and maintain customer loyalty with relationship-based marketing strategies that deliver real results
·         Avoid social media pitfalls and fully leverage the remarkable power of online connectivity
·         Create a happy, harmonious work environment by empowering colleagues and employees for optimum performance and loyalty
·         Remain authentic and true to your vision as you build you brand and your business

It’s time to start enjoying life to the fullest!
Attend the Ease with the Experts Summit to learn how!
You really can live your dreams while achieving your personal and professional goals with EASE!
Reserve your space right now!

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PS – What if your life could be much easier than it feels now? What if you could get into the FLOW of your life and enjoy your family, your work, and your life so much more?

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PPS – I have known Ellie for loooong time. I have spoken at several of her live events. If brings me extreme joy to know that you can attend this special online event at no charge!