Article by: MaryEllen | Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Today’s audio diary is called Ask And You Shall Receive.

As women, in general, we tend to not ask for favors for anything, for any kind of help. But what I want to stress today is that you need to get testimonials for your business.

Testimonials add credibility to whatever you’re selling. So when you know people have benefited from your work, you have got to ask for testimonials. You can do a dedicated email blast your entire list or you can do it individually. It doesn’t matter how you get them, but you need to ask for testimonials.

I’ve done it both ways, where I’ve gone to people who I’ve worked with in the past. And I’ve done it to students of products that I have.

So whatever you do, however you do it, get those testimonials, start posting them in your sales letter and on your website. And you will see an increase in your sales which means increase to your bottom line.

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