Article by: MaryEllen | Thursday, May 28, 2015

Today’s audio diary is called It’s Funny.

A while back, my youngest brought home a big book of jokes from the library at her school. You know that Delanie is only eight years old. And the jokes were so funny that we got into a habit of telling a couple every night at dinner.

And then, of course, she had to return the book into the Media Center to her library at school. So I went out to Barnes and Noble and bought her a gigantic joke book. There’s probably a thousand jokes in there – there’s enough jokes to last her a very long time. And we still do this tradition every night at dinner where we do a couple of jokes.

And the reason this is such a great family event due each evening is because it really puts everybody in a great mood. You know, maybe Connor came home with a bad day at school; or Mikaela just had a little fight with one of her best friends; or even I had a rough day – so this just puts everybody in a great mood. So it’s a really fantastic way to start up your dinner because everybody just lets go of their day, and now we’re all together and we’re laughing.

So go out and spend to get a great big joke book under ten dollars. Go out and get one and you will be so happy you did. Now once you do this, write to me and tell me your funniest joke.

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