Article by: MaryEllen | Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Today’s audio diary is called Technology is Our Friend.

I know for myself and for many of you that we almost sabotage ourselves by thinking we’re not technology literate. Therefore we don’t use and capitalize on all the fantastic technology that’s out there. And I’m talking about little things.

So what I want you to do every single day, or at least three times a week, is learn something new on your computer that can help you in your business. For example, very recently I learned how to take a screenshot. It couldn’t be easier, and I almost kicked myself in the head for not learning this sooner. And basically, somebody said to me, “Oh, send me a screenshot.” And I’m thinking, “Oh, my gosh!” I don’t want to write back and say I don’t know how to do that so I simply looked it up. And if you have a Mac, it’s the shift command and the number three. And I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh, this is so ridiculous!” That I didn’t do this prior. Every single day I’m teaching myself something new on the Mac. I use a Mac, you can do the same if you have a PC, it doesn’t matter. But the beautiful thing is that we have the resources, and it takes maybe a minute or maybe ninety seconds. Isn’t it worth it?

It was so funny because that night I said to my fourteen-year old, “Oh, I’m so excited, I learned how to do this.” And her words to me were, “Oh, I could have told you how to do that.” So we have even more resources than we think. Not only can we google anything, we can ask our teenagers.

So think about it. Are we using things like Dropbox or Basecamp? It’s so easy. Do you know how to send files via Skype? So these are the little things that we’re almost embarassed to ask somebody for help. But you don’t have to. If you don’t want to ask somebody, just google it. Or ask somebody, there are plenty of people who would help. Certainly, I can get my kid to help me now, I know that. But I’m just googling it every single day. And I just put it down if I learn something else. And the feeling is fantastic! And the productivity that it brings to your business will make a huge difference.

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