Article by: MaryEllen | Thursday, May 21, 2015

Today’s audio diary is called Time Out is Not Just for Kids.

You know when we get busy with things, we tend to react more than we actually act. If your kids are older now or if they’re still young, what’s the reason you use to put them into time out? Or do you put your kids in time out? Basically, the reason is so that they could think about what just happened, and so it doesn’t happen again.

So we, as working moms, need those time outs as well. Very often, like I said, we react instead of thinking about the situation. So during your day, when you get that upsetting email, or something doesn’t go just as you thought it would, do not react. Give yourself that time out. Go take a ten minute walk. Sit outside and just look at the landscape. Jump in your pool, if you’re working from home, and go for a brief swim. If you’re in the office, just get out of the office. Go downstairs into the cafeteria or outside and get some fresh air. But you need to time yourself out.

Yesterday, I received an email, just at the very end of the day. And it was really disappointing. I have been counting on something and it didn’t just come through. And my first thought was to send this email back saying, “I can’t believe this.” But I didn’t. I held back, I went for a quick walk, I thought about it. And the email I sent back was courteous and professional. And that’s what you want to make sure you’re always doing. You’ve got to eliminate that emotional reaction. So time yourself out.

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