Article by: MaryEllen | Thursday, April 2, 2015

Today’s audio diary is called Don’t Let Your Kids Get Too Social.

With all the social media sites today, our kids are putting their whole life out there for everyone to see. And as our kids get older, sometimes we don’t check up as much as we should. So what I really want to emphasize today is that I know as somebody who hires a tremendous amount of people (I’m hiring anyone whether it is a full time employee or contractor, or even somebody I’m going to do business with), that before I make my final decision, I go to their Facebook page. And if they have things on their page that are just blatantly stupid, that can change my entire decision. I mean I may be ready to work with this person, but if I see something there that to me says, “Oh my God, I cannot believe that you posted that,” I will not work with that person because it goes to their judgment.

So that’s something we need to teach our kids now. For example, my older daughter is a freshman high school now, and they were at a baseball game after school and the girls’ bathroom was not available to use, so she and her friend entered the boys’ bathroom. Her friend thought it was funny to put that on Facebook. And I sat with her and explained that it is exactly the kind of thing colleges do not want to see.

You might be saying that my kid is only a freshman high school, but it doesn’t matter. She is going to apply to colleges very, very soon. And they are looking at the same thing – they want kids that make sound decisions. So let’s teach our kids not to put every single moment of their life out there for everyone to see.

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