Article by: MaryEllen | Thursday, March 5, 2015

By Milana Leshinsky

There are many marketing strategies to get clients and put people in your programs. But if you’re tired of getting little to no results, there’s one strategy that can give you a client-getting “shortcut” you’ll love.

The super successful business leaders use one primary method to break through six and seven figure ceilings. It’s called Joint Venture partnerships (JVs).

You may have heard of JVs before, but to really understand them you need to know two things:

  • A partner with a responsive audience needs to promote you to that group.
  • You need to have something of value in order for that partner to promote you.

So let’s take a look at five proven ways to get more clients than you know what to do with and fill your programs fast.

#1 Get Interviewed

Why did everyone want to get on the Oprah show back in the day? It’s because a good interview with Oprah pretty much guaranteed stardom and an audience of your own. And she didn’t even require you to mail your own list to get on her show 🙂 Seriously, there are many different formats of “shows” out there like podcasts, radio shows, TV shows, and blogs. And all of those hosts need a never-ending supply of guests. So if you can let them know that you are available for a scheduled or last minute interview, they will have you on the shortlist of people to call when they need someone.

#2 The Teleclass Model

This is how I have generated success the fastest. Simply have a JV partner promote a teleclass or webinar that you are holding. Their list will show up with some trust (thanks to the partner referral) and be eager to hear what you have to say. You can then give an awesome presentation with an irresistible call to action toward the end. Try to do these every month – they’ll likely keep your business healthy and profitable.

#3 The Automated Webinar

This is one of the newer formats, but it’s gaining popularity quickly. The reason that automated webinars work so well is that you are putting your best presentation (because it’s recorded) in front of awesome people (because they are JV referrals) at the time that’s best for them (because people can select when to attend). We sell products and programs this way and some of our peers are making millions with this method. Drive some JV traffic to an automated webinar, you’ll thank us.

#4 The Telesummit

This is like being a rock star at Lollapalooza. You get in front of a crowd of tens or hundreds of thousands of fans of your topic and give them what they want! The benefit is the mass exposure. The way to really make these work is to have an incredibly attractive title and an irresistible offer (typically something free to get all those people on your list).

#5 The Launch

Want to make six or seven figures in a week? The launch model is how to generate a flash flood of money into your business. It’s basically like dozens or even hundreds of coordinated JVs happening at the same time with leaderboards and prizes. It takes a lot of planning, but when you do it right, you’re financially set for the whole year.

There are many other ways to benefit from JVs. And the reason they work is because you’re being endorsed by your partner. There is a transfer of trust and rapport. So pick a favorite from the five methods above, or find another way to persuade a partner with a responsive mailing list to promote you.

9 Reasons Why Partners Promote You

It’s amazing how many reasons there are for a list owner to promote you. And the great thing about this for you is that they just need one reason. Read through the list below and see if you can identify some great reasons you can give business owners to promote you!

1.    Because they want to feel good about recommending a great resource. List owners take pride in and have a responsibility to their email subscribers. They want to share tremendous value (you and your product) with their list.

2. Because they want to generate passive income. Business owners love passive income and will often promote products that offer some.

3. Because they want to feature an expert on a topic they don’t teach themselves. Business owners are busy people. So if your product or program complements what they do, it can be a great reason for them to share you with their list.

2015-03-05 kids partnership4. Because they like you and want to support you. This can be a slam dunk to a yes if you have great rapport with a list owner.

5. Because they really like your product or project. If a business owner can give a first-hand testimonial about how awesome your stuff is, then it’s an easy referral for them to make and it will probably convert really well.

6. Because you have a great energy and are easy to work with. Great energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Just feel good yourself around these people and they’ll catch what you’ve got.

7. Because you purchased their product or joined their program. Business owners take care of their customers and will often share their products.

8. Because you promoted their product or program. Do you want to get the attention of a big list owner? One fast way to do this is to sell a bunch of their product or program.

9. Because a mutual friend recommended you to them. Referrals are a powerful way to make sales. They may feel much more likely to help you if a mutual friend has suggested they work with you.

It really is amazing that there are so many ways to get the attention of and commitment of a business owner to share you with their audience. The great thing about this for you is that they just need ONE good reason to shoot out a quick email (or several) to their list. Best of luck to you as you approach and get promotional support from your colleagues, peers and competitors!

About the Author:
2015-02-26-Milana-LeshinkskMilana Leshinsky along with her business partner Rich German created the JV Insider Circle, the world’s leading joint venture community for coaches, authors, speakers, and experts. Join her for a free webinar on how to get perfect promotional partners (and avoid the 3 most common mistakes).