Article by: MaryEllen | Thursday, February 5, 2015

Today’s audio diary is called Hubby On Loan.

I was watching a television show the other night, which was an interview show. And they were interviewing this woman, and she was a psychologist, not a psychiatrist, nor a medical doctor. And somebody (a woman who is married) wrote a question to her which said, “My best friend is single and was invited to a wedding, and she asked me if my husband can go with her as her date.” And she continued to say, “You know I trust them both, but I feel awkward about it.” And the psychologist actually said, “Perhaps that married woman had an insecurity problem.” And I thought this was so wrong!

First of all, he is the woman’s husband; she doesn’t have to loan him to anybody. Of course, she trusts them. I also trust my husband explicitly, but I’m not going to loan him out to somebody just because that person’s not married. It’s just so wrong that the psychologist put it back on to the woman who had a nice healthy relationship. As opposed to saying, you have every right not to want to loan out your husband.

I guess it’s a pretty personal thing, but I think it’s ridiculous. I think we have to stand up to people who think they are in a position of authority and give out really, really bad advice.

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