Article by: MaryEllen | Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Today’s audio diary is called <strong>Nature vs. Nurture</strong>.

You know, I used to think that pretty much everything in someone’s attitude or demeanor was caused by their environment. But years ago, my mind changed.  I have to be really honest with you, and this is very personal.  As you know I have three kids. They’re all very different. But, my son and my youngest daughter are so different in attitude.

My youngest daughter wakes up every morning with a smile on her face, bounces out of bed, and is so positive about every single thing in her life. From getting up and saying, “It’s such a beautiful day! I love my dog. I love going to school.” Everything is like that.

Well, my son is much more reserved and a little nervous about things. When I would say to him, “How was your day?” He would say, “Oh, you know, it wasn’t that great.” When I would say to my daughter, “How was your day?” She’d say, “It was wonderful.” So the same way I would say to him, “Are you ready for a great day today?” He would say, “No, it’s probably not going to be great.”

So  I’ve done something new recently, and I’ve noticed it helps.  And, I’m sharing this personal story with you because I’m hoping it could help you as well.  Instead of saying to my son when he comes home from school, “How was your day?” I’d say, “Did you have a great day?”

And, he’s got to think about it for a minute. I’m noticing now that he’s finding good things in his day. So when I pose the question in a very, very positive light, it forces him to find the good in each part of his day or whatever I ask him.

So if you have a child like that, or an employee, or someone in your life, give it a try and see that by just posing your questions differently, help them spark their attitude. Give them a little more positivity in their life.

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