Article by: MaryEllen | Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Finally find out how to launch a successful business and career that so many others claim to have.

Especially today, more and more people are trying to start their own businesses. But there’s still a question on everyone’s mind: how can we stand out and be successful? Jeff Walker uses his insights to offer the Product Launch Formula, which is what he claims to be an efficient and effective method for entrepreneurs of all walks of life. This claim is not made without reason; Walker has thousands of customers who have used his Product Launch Formula, as well as his own personal experiences, to back it up.

Walker used his experiences with his first online business to create the Product Launch Formula. Back in the 1990’s, when his wife was working all day everyday and he was a stay-at-home dad, he decided to make a change. So he launched an free online newsletter, which grew into something entirely more lucrative.

He tries not to base the entire book on his own experiences; he uses stories about some of his customers who have found success by following his plan. These stories help not only explain how to implement the Product Launch Formula, but also show that people with all different kinds of businesses can use his advice. Walker says that although he believes in facts and figures, he knows that what people will remember most about his book are the stories. Even though they seem unbelievable and impossible for everyone to achieve, readers will soon realize that Walker isn’t the only one who the Product Launch Formula worked for, and the stories will help you remember why.

In the beginning of the book, Walker explains why and how he created the formula, and how he thinks it can help his readers. He moves on to explain the Product Launch Formula itself, which involves a Pre-Prelaunch, the Prelaunch, the actual Launch, and finally the Post-Launch. After breaking all this down, he moves on to show how it can be applied to different types of businesses and just how readers can implement this plan.

An important thing to note, as pointed out repeatedly by Walker, is that this is not a “Get Rich Quick” book. This is a lesson for anyone looking to really establish an online business, and who’s willing to work really hard for that success. That doesn’t mean the book is only helpful in a minor way; those who have used it have had amazing results, and credit this book and Walker’s lessons for their success. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t still work. Launch will show you how to work for your success, not how to happen upon it.

So, for anyone looking to start an online business, who doesn’t want to rely on what Walker calls “Hope Marketing”, reading Launch will prove to be immensely helpful. His lessons are easy to understand, and it’s very possible to apply them to your own business, whatever that may be. There’s no guarantee that reading this book will make you millions, but that’s only because you also need dedication and hard work. Launch will show you how to take that dedication and hard work, combine it will Walker’s formula, and start achieving your dreams.

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