Article by: MaryEllen | Monday, December 1, 2014

Learn about the company behind the most popular search engine.

We use Google nearly every day of our lives, for almost anything we could possibly need. But do you ever wonder about the company behind the search engine? Google is known as being one of the most innovative and unique companies there is. But in recent years, they have gained recognition for how they run their company. Not only are they known for their technological advances, but also for incorporating creativity and excitement into the work they do.

In How Google Works, Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and former SVP of Products Jonathan Rosenberg walk the reader through their many years working at Google. Unafraid to address both their successes and their failures, they take their experiences and use them as things to learn from throughout their careers. They learned how to face all the challenges and surprises they faced, and formed a new way of thinking about the world they were living in.

They talk about how they spend a great deal of time hiring “smart creatives,” a term which pretty much means what it sounds like. They focus on finding people who are capable of coming up with new ideas that will drive the company to break the boundaries, and also have a good understanding of how to put those ideas in place. They found that many people see the world around them and understand rules and expectations, so they are limited creatively. They may have great, innovative ideas, but don’t see them as attainable. But Schmidt and Rosenberg’s smart creatives know exactly how to take an idea that seems too good to be true and make it realistic.

They use this book to explain just how they discovered this idea and found ways to set it in motion. With stories of their own encounters, and examples of how to apply what they learned in your own life, there is much to be learned from this book. It is an especially important book for those wanting to work in companies similar to Google, but it could be useful and interesting to all readers.

They also explain how to evolve and grow in an ever-changing environment. They show you how to adapt to the changes you may face in your career, and how to find and maintain success over a long period of time.

Some books written by CEOs or other corporate workers end up being tedious and boring to read, but this is a well-written account of Schmidt and Rosenberg’s experiences. The stories from their careers they chose to tell are perfect for getting their message across.

The mentality of Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg throughout the book is very useful to anyone pursuing a similar career. That being said, don’t overlook this book if you work in an entirely different industry. It is both useful and entertaining to read, and you’ll definitely learn important tools to apply to your own career and life. When you finish the book, you’ll have an understanding of how to keep both creativity and logic in mind when working, and also how to grow no matter what challenges you face.

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