Article by: MaryEllen | Thursday, October 9, 2014

Today’s audio diary is a real fun one. Recently I had a dinner party. Well, actually, it was more like a cookout barbecue than dinner party. But I was having quite a few people at my house and it included adults and kids. And because there was an adult table and a couple of kids tables with different ages, I wanted to have prearranged seating.

So I thought about just writing down everyone’s name on a place card and putting it there and then I thought that that’s kind of boring. So what I did was, I actually went to everybody’s facebook page and it just worked out that even the kids all had facebook pages, so this works for kids and adults. I printed out really funny pictures of the kids and the adults from their facebook page. And instead of putting it on a place card, I simply glued them on their cups, you know, on those red, plastic Solo cups that they’d be using. I glued it upside down, so they’d be upside down on their plates, because the table looked real nice, and everybody found their seat that way.

So not only did they get to see the place card but they had it for the entire party. Because you know how everybody is always losing their cup and you go through so many? Well, all the kids had the same cup for the entire party because their picture was on it.

And in preparation for the party, my seven year old daughter got to help me with it.

So I think this is a real fun idea whether you are doing an evening dinner party or a barbecue. It just works.

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