Article by: MaryEllen | Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Today’s audio diary is a great idea if you have teenagers who need to do community service. Meaning, in order to get all their credits in either junior high, or high school, they need to do a certain amount of hours for the community.

And so recently, since this is a big deal with my daughter, we’ve been trying to find things that she would really like to do and make an impact on. And it’s funny, because they don’t need to be these big, grand ideas. And the best one that we’ve done so far is she has literally gotten community hours for coaching her younger sister’s softball team. My older daughter, she’s a great softball player – she’s been doing it for years. And so now, she goes out to my daughter’s games, and she’s at the games anyway, watching her. So she would be there anyway. And what she does, is she coaches the bases.

So she can get 2 hours of community service by having fun with her sister and supporting her sister.

Just think of creative ideas for your kids to get their community hours.

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