Article by: MaryEllen | Friday, June 27, 2014

Change the way you run your business.

There are many guides to success in business, but none quite like Rework.  They all sound the same, and provide such similar advice that it can be hard to differentiate between two different sources.  They generally describe a long list of steps you have to take before you can even start a business, and after reading those, it can seem near impossible to get what you want.  Jason Fried, however, gives unique lessons and tips, and helps readers see a new and realistic way to achieve success in their businesses.

One of the founders of 37signals, Fried uses his own experiences to describe what he views as the right way to do business.  He breaks everything down; he takes out tedious and unnecessary tasks that may seem important, but ultimately slow you down from achieving your goals.  What he describes is different from what you would hear from most experts, yet it makes so much sense.  His ideas are useful and helpful, but they are not the same ideas taught in business school.  While reading, it becomes surprising that these ideas are so unique, simply because they are explained in a way that makes perfect sense.

Fried emphasizes change; he focuses on what is important, and that means cutting out all of the planning.  He wants his readers to take action.  There is no point in planning for years and years if nothing will actually result.  Sometimes following those plans feels endless; every time you fight through one obstacle, another lies ahead of you.  Rework teaches you how to stop trying to follow all the steps you once thought were necessary, and start making things happen in your life.

Almost everyone looking to own their own business has been told there are many steps they have to take in order to be successful, and while there are many aspects to it, being successful in business doesn’t always mean doing the same thing everyone before you did.  Times have changed, and now achieving success can be much simpler and can take much less time, because all of the trivial matters can be eliminated.

The lessons Fried teaches are not only about focusing on the end result; his style of teaching is centered around getting to the point.  When he proposes a new idea, he doesn’t add unnecessary stories or details that can make it hard to understand what he means.  He explains everything very clearly, and there are no moments when his ideas seem absurd or incomprehensible.

Also, his ideas regarding taking action instead of dreaming about success can be applied to other areas of your life.  People don’t have to just dream about success in business; they can dream about moving to a new city or owning a different house.  The lessons in this book will help you to no longer dream about that city or house, but make it your own.  The dreaming and planning just has to be replaced with action.

Fried has proved himself to be intuitive as well as innovative.  His ideas break away from everything that seemed to make sense before.  With his lessons, the road to success is much different.  Rework does take you on a path with much less time and effort, all the while still leading to success.