Article by: MaryEllen | Monday, September 9, 2013

By MaryEllen Tribby

Many of us think we need to get dozens of things done each day. This includes completing all of our business tasks to taking our kids to baseball, as well as making dinner for the family.

This is why we feel so overwhelmed and are disappointed with our daily outcome most days.

The bottom line is we put too much importance on quantity instead of quality. We may be getting tons of “things” done. However, if they are not done properly and even more importantly, if we are not enjoying the journey, it is really not worth doing.

That is why what we are about to talk about is so important and powerful. And whatever you do, do NOT mistake its brevity for its significance.

By continually going through the motion simply because we feel we need to get a certain task done (or a certain number of tasks done), we tend to lose our sense of purpose. And by doing so, this quickly leads to complacency, disappointment and resentment.

So from this day forward I want you to ask yourself this one question each and every morning; “What is the ONE thing that I can do today, to make today a GREAT day?”

After you ask yourself that question, write it down.

Notice I said the ‘one’ thing. Not the five things or ten things.

So you may be wondering, why is it only one thing?

It is because it makes us focus on the important things in our lives. It makes us realize that every task we do does not have to get done. We get into such a habit of doing. But doing does not mean important.

As a working mom, you should only be doing the things that only you can do and equally important, enjoy doing!

Now this does not mean you will only do one thing during the day. What it means is by doing that one thing, not only will your day be great, but you will also be able to go to sleep at night with a feeling of complete and utter satisfaction.

Some “Ones”

Below, I am going to share with you some of my “ones”.

Yes, I have actually had great days, by accomplishing just one of these items on a certain day. Now, don’t get me wrong, on some of these days, I may have gotten 15 other things done. On some of these days, I may have gotten only two other things done. But it was by getting this “one” thing accomplished that made my day great.

I will comment on just some of my “ones” below:

* Hold and kiss a newborn baby: Recently I went to New Jersey to visit my family.  A short time ago, my goddaughter had a baby. All I could think about was meeting and holding this baby. When I arrived, I got to do just that. This was the “one” thing that made my day great and special.

* Dance with your spouse: When was the last time you did this? If it was a while ago, ask yourself how you felt while you were dancing. I bet if you surprised your spouse tonight and did that, it would make your day great (as well as your spouse’s).

* Complete a marketing plan: How many times have you dreaded doing this? Many times just thinking about it kept you up at night. But what if it was that one thing, you jumped on first thing in the morning. What if it was the one thing, that if you got done, you knew it would make you money and put your mind at ease. That would pretty much make it a great day!

* Outline a new book

* Lay out in the sun: When I take a few hours and do this, my body and soul feel revitalized. I am in such a good mood when the kids come home. I have more energy, and not just the day I lay in the sun, but for several days later.

* Have lunch with your child

* Play tennis

* Meditate

* Work out

* Spend time with your parents

* Clean out a closet: I know that when I schedule time to do this, I am not only creating a more conducive living space in my home, but I am also, donating these clothes to people who need them. That always makes it a great day.

* Close one sales call

* Contact five joint venture partners: I know by doing this, it will move my business forward. Usually when contacting JV partners, it is for a specific product. The email is already outlined so I just need to personalize it to each partner. I feel great about this because I get to leverage the work I already did.

* Record a new product

* Write a sales letter

* Plant tomatoes:  I had been talking about doing this for months. When I finally did it, I was filled with excitement that created a great day. But it did not end there; I was able to share the tomatoes with my family and in doing so, created several great days.

* Call an old friend

* Don’t sign on to Facebook

* Write an issue for an Inbox Magazine

* Plan a vacation

* Surprise a friend

* Volunteer at a food bank: Knowing that you are giving your time to help others always makes it a great day.

* Record a video for your business

* Learn a new software program

* Hire an assistant

* Write an SOP (standard operating procedure)

* Design a new organizational chart: Doing so provides inner peace, making it a great day.

* Register for a business event: Once you do so, you know that you have just made an investment in your future. This always makes it a great day.

* Reconcile your banking

* Analyze marketing reports

* Hire a mentor/business coach: Everyone needs mentors regardless of their success level. When you invest in a mentor, you are purposefully saying that you want to accomplish more on all cylinders of your life, which makes it a great day.

* Answer all IMPORTANT emails

* Have a barbeque: When we hold barbeques, we always have a great day because we let go of stress. It’s not like having a dinner party, which can create stress. Barbeques are casual and fun. People come and go. We are not on schedule.

* Meet with your accountant

* Write a job description

I hope you have absorbed some ideas by my “ones”. Now get yourself a journal and start writing your “ones” each day. And in a few weeks, please let me know how this has helped you.