Article by: MaryEllen | Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today’s audio diary is called Good Subject Lines.

I often said that there’s a big difference, unfortunately, between doing something and doing something correctly. I want to tell a little story. Recently I had a brand new mentoring student. Now this woman is paying me a lot of money a month to privately mentor her. And we started talking about the whole inbox magazine business model. And right away she said to me, “Oh, that doesn’t work!” And I said, “Why do you say that?” And she said, “Because I did it and nobody ever opened my inbox magazine.” So I said, “Well, let me see some of your subject lines. Let me see the metrics behind the statement you’re making that this business model doesn’t work.”

And she showed me a list of subject lines that she used. I thought, “Here is a classic mistake people are doing.They’re blaming a business model as opposed to doing something correctly.” She had very dreadful subject lines.

So, today I want to make sure you’re paying attention to those subject lines. I’m going to give you three tips in this one audio diary today.

The first one is don’t make them so long that the person, the prospect reading it, cannot read the subject line in its entirety in the browser. I read a lot. I subscribe to a lot of different inbox magazines and online newsletters. And I find myself saying, “Skipping…skipping…skipping.” Meaning the subject line has no appeal to me, so I’m not opening it. Because our time is valuable, I’m not going to read something that I think is not going to offer me any value. So make sure your subject line grabs the attention.

The next tip is ask a question in your subject line. A question as simple as, “Do you want to make an extra $50,000 this year?” Who’s not going to open that?

And the last tip is to use numbers in your subject line: “Seven ways for stress free life.” or “Seven foods you should eat every week.” So, things like that really grab people’s attention. Also, notice they’re very specific, so that no one is guessing. I know that when I open that issue, there’s going to be a list of seven foods that I should eat every week for a healthier life. And to me that’s interesting. I want to know what they are, because at that point I’m going right into it and look at those foods. And, if the inbox magazine is well written, I will continue reading.

So don’t rule out business model tactics because they haven’t worked for you yet. They need to be done correctly. Subject lines are major part of any online business. Because if you’re communicating with your community via online, you need to have captivating subject lines.

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