Article by: MaryEllen | Monday, March 4, 2013

Julia Kline has had a diverse career – everything from Chicago Public Schoolteacher to Mary Kay lady to real estate developer to platform speaker to marketing consultant. And no matter what she did for a living, Julia has used her exceptional salesmanship skills to excel.

Julia acquired her remarkable marketing skills early in her career – she could effortlessly sell anything to anyone, until she realized how much more valuable she could be as a salesperson, if her number one priority was her customer, rather than her sale.

Her focus became serving her customer – earning their trust and putting their interests first, and still knowing her sales will not suffer.

In Julia’s recent book, “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sleaze-Free Selling,” she reveals her model for precision salesmanship; all while making sure that your sales process remains customer-focused.

Today, Julia is here to talk about publishing YOUR book on Kindle.  She’ll explain the process she went through with her own book, and how you can write your own successful book and use to help grow your business, too.

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