Article by: MaryEllen | Friday, February 15, 2013

Today’s audio diary is called Turning Ideas into Events.

Let me explain. Every year at my daughter’s school, which is an elementary school, they do fund raising and basically, the kids need to buy books. They just bring home a sheet, and the parents buy books for the kids. And every year it makes a minimal amount of money.

But this year, they turned it into an event. So what they did is they called it Literacy Night. They got the kids so excited because they built up to this. They let the kids come to Literacy Night in pajamas. They served hot chocolate. They had someone there reading stories to them. So instead of the sheet coming home to the parents, and the parents may be buying one or two books for the kids, every single kid in the school begged their parents to take them to Literacy Night.

When we got there, it was such a buzz, such a buying frenzy because now it simply wasn’t, “Oh, please buy a book.” It was an entire event. And they kept reading books. So every time a book was read, one of the kids wanted that book. They made nine times the money that they normally made each year with this one idea turning it into an event.

So think about what you can do for your business that changes the game. Something that’s ordinary – turn it into extraordinary. Make it exciting for your customers. That’s how you make more money.

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