Article by: MaryEllen | Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Today’s audio dairy is called It’s Personal.

As you know I do a lot of high-end consulting for large corporations. A lot of that includes re-engineering their companies – going in and replacing a lot of the team that’s already there. Because you can’t have a great company if you don’t have a great team.

So I end up doing interviews for people who will be coming into the company as team members. And I will tell you that by the time they see me, it means that they’re pretty much a finalist – they’ve made it through the first three or four interviews, and I’m the person who’s really going to decide if this person is the right fit for this company.

And they know that they are meeting with me, and they know my name. So, if someone comes in and they haven’t googled me (they don’t know something personal about me), that is not a good sign. If they don’t know something personal about the owner of the company, that is not a good sign.

So whenever you’re going into even just a meeting with someone who is a potential joint venture partner – it could be a vendor, it could be somebody you’re meeting with for an event because you might be speaking at their next event – find out something personal about them, and put that into the conversation. It is so much easier to have a conversation when somebody says to me, “Have you been playing tennis lately?” Because if somebody reads anything I write, they know that I am an avid tennis player, that I love to play tennis. It’s so nice when they say, “How are your kids?”, and they know I have three kids.

It’s so easy today to find out that kind of information about somebody. It means that you care. It means that you’ve done your research. It means that you want it.

When you go in there with apathy, not doing any kind of research, no one is going to work with that. I certainly don’t. Neither do the really successful people that I know. They want people who are go-getters, who go out and find out the information. Because when you do that, then you’ll know that’s how the person is going to act when they’re doing business with you, they’re going to be a go-getter.

So make sure the next time you have any kind of business meeting, you know something personal about the person you’re going to be speaking with.

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